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From Nick Burch <n...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Site is down or removed
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2013 22:19:18 GMT
On 12/11/13 20:49, Tony Stevenson wrote:
> Can we possibly agree on one standard?  Is the site code sufficiently generic that we
can make the site na11.apacheonc.com, work at www.apachecon.com/2011/na  or something?  So
we support only one convention.

Alas not. Many years ago, there was a single instance of the ApacheCon 
site, which hosted all the different conferences on the same hostname, 
differing only in the URL (the /c/<conf>/ pattern for newer ones, 
/<year>/ pattern for the previous kind). None of the recent ApacheCons 
have worked that way.

For recent ApacheCons, both the last StoneCircle ones, and the 
OpenBastion ones, there was the need for one hostname per event. This is 
because while there was a common system type in use for all events
with a given producer, each event had its own instance of the latest 
version of said codebase. This has meant that when we've taken the 
static snapshot of the event website after the conference, we have had 
to store it into a different host / site structure for each event

If you look in https://svn.apache.org/repos/infra/apachecon/ you will 
see one common site entry for the older sites which shared a hostname, 
and one entry for each of the newer sites that need their own host names.

What will need doing by whoever has responsibility for all this now 
(Rich perhaps?) is to work with infra setup suitable svn pubsub sites 
for the last 2 events based on the snapshots I did, decide what aliases 
go where (eg where should www.apachecon.com go? .eu?), point DNS entries 
to the asf hardware hosting these new sites, update the root of the 
archive.apachecon.com site to point to the new ones, update it to refer 
to the current state of affairs etc. And maybe something else I've 
forgotten... Good news is you can largely crib off what I did for na11!


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