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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Re: Any Portland natives able to help with a few online bits?
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 05:47:19 GMT
> Ashley and I are both Portland natives. We'll discuss this Friday. She's
> already working on the Portland stuff.
> I've already mailed the PDXGroups Google Group about these events, but
> will be happy to relay the message below.
> regards
>  Steve

Portland State University - School of Engineering - hosts the Portland
Linux Users Group meetings.  The school is within walking distance of
the Hilton.  The students should be an excellent resource for ApacheCon-NA.
It would be good to drop by the school and put some postings on their
activity board(s).

On our ApacheCon-NA wiki, I have placed a link to PLUG website and the
major open-source software calendar [www.calagator.org].  The calagator
calendar already has some information about ApacheCon-NA activities -
albiet incomplete.  I have not tried updating the calagator calendar site.

As I get time, I am adding items to the Portland Info pages on the
ApacheCon wiki.

I will try to follow-up with some of the community colleges - but my
work-day travel is to Salem (wrong direction).

Steven J. Hathaway
- Wilsonville, Oregon

> On Feb 6, 2013, at 5:07 PM, Nick Burch wrote:
>> Hi All
>> Do we have any Portland natives (or at least frequent visitors!) here,
>> who could help out with a few little bits?
>> Firstly, our Portland Tips wiki page has some un-answered questions on
>> it, could some people perhaps fill in some bits and answer the
>> questions?
>>   http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/PortlandTips
>> Secondly, we need to help spread the word amongst the Portland Geek / IT
>> community about the Sunday BarCamp and Monday Hackathon. Could you
>> please point likely suspects / interesting groups at these two wiki
>> pages that describe the Sunday and Monday events?
>>   http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/BarCampApachePortland - Sunday
>>   http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/HackathonNA13 - Monday
>> Also, if you haven't already, sign up and list your project interests
>> for those two!
>> Thanks
>> Nick
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> Community events: Barcamp Feb 24  Hackathon Feb 25   Development Mar 1/2

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