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From shath...@e-z.net
Subject Re: BarCamp - ACNA 2013 - schedule?
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2013 01:09:07 GMT
See Below,

Steven J. Hathaway

> Steven:
> Thanks. Tell me which page, please - and where else should we add this
> information to make it more accessible?
> We can fix that, I'm sure.
> regards
>  Steve
> On Jan 20, 2013, at 9:48 AM, Steven J. Hathaway wrote:
>> On 1/20/2013 8:38 AM, Steven J. Hathaway wrote:
>>> What is the time schedule for BarCamp ACNA 2013, Feb 24
>>> I do not see a time posted.
>> Found It:  Registration Starts 10:00 AM - not very evident.
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Steven J. Hathaway
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Here is a page summary of references and lack thereof related to BarCamp
and HachathonNA2013.


There is no mention of BarCamp or Hackathon dates/times.

The tutorials and main conference are represented.

Community Events at ApacheCon

Sunday Feb 24 sees BarCamp ApacheCon in Portland! Then on Monday there's
the HackathonNA13. Other community events are listed here, with Meetups
here. On the Friday and Saturday after the conference you can join the
various project hackathons.

All the above links are Wiki pages, so feel free to update them with
relevant information and add your own events.

[BarCamp] and [HackathonNA13] are links to the Wiki.
So what is BarCampApache?

ApacheCon NA 2013 will be host to its own unconference! Running the day
before the traditional Apache Hackathon and the conference, BarCampApache
is a dynamic get together open to the public. Like other unconferences,
the schedule will be determined by the participants.

The events are free. There's no need to sign up in advance for the
BarCamp, instead just come along for 10am and sign up at the registration

[ 10am is the only mention of time for ApacheCon NA 2013 BarCamp ]

This is an ideal opportunity to seek out people of like mind. At a
BarCamp, you can talk about anything you think people will be interested
in, and it need not be Apache-specific. How about telling us about your
favorite project, how to enjoy yourself in Portland, survival tips for
one's first month on an ASF list, why you love your job, why you hate your
job, etc. There will be plenty of space to break off and continue
discussion with people of like mind.

Since BarCampApache both precedes the main conference, you might want to
register for the conference as well. You may also want to consider
attending the special events and the free MeetUps that will be held in the
evenings after the main conference tracks.

BarCamp and HackathonNA2013 are missing from lanyrd.

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