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From Daniel Gruno <rum...@cord.dk>
Subject Re: SVG Source of the Banners
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 17:29:26 GMT
On 10/01/2012 05:09 PM, imacat wrote:
> The .psd files are missing "ApacheCon Europe" when I open it with 
> GIMP, too.  I do not have PhotoShop.
> Could someone please release the SVG vector version of the
> banners? Perfectly with text transferred into shapes, to prevent
> font substitution problem.  I would like to join it to the
> OpenOffice logo and put the result on our social media account
> during this time.  Bitmap graphic does not work well merging with
> other pictures considering transparency.
With fear of sounding like a broken record; I already released SVG
versions of the banner two months ago, if only people would look
through the emails that hit this mailing list :)

I did a bit of gradient on the logo, so if you want that gone, either
let me know or just remove it yourself.

Giant PNG: http://www.humbedooh.com/apache/apacheconeu.png (48MPixels)
SVG: http://www.humbedooh.com/apache/apacheconeu.svg (might not render
PDF: http://www.humbedooh.com/apache/apacheconeu.pdf

The font used is called Worstveld Sling, and can be downloaded for
free at http://www.ffonts.net/Worstveld-Sling-Bold.font.download

With regards,

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