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From Marcel Offermans <marcel.offerm...@luminis.nl>
Subject Re: ACNA pricing [was:apachecon eu speaker subsidies]
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 07:53:48 GMT
On Sep 12, 2012, at 9:44 AM, Nóirín Plunkett <noirin@apache.org> wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 12, 2012 at 12:37 AM, Marcel Offermans
> <marcel.offermans@luminis.nl> wrote:
>> On Sep 12, 2012, at 9:20 AM, Steve Holden <steve@holdenweb.com> wrote:
>>> On Sep 12, 2012, at 2:48 AM, Nóirín Plunkett wrote:
>>>> On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 11:39 PM, Steve Holden <steve@holdenweb.com>
>>>>> On Sep 12, 2012, at 2:27 AM, Nóirín Plunkett wrote:
>>>>>> Can you give us a ballpark for what you expect committer & speaker
>>>>>> tickets to cost, or what the options look like?
>>>>> Sorry, we just haven't got that far down the road yet.
>>>> No worries. It's just a bit hard to have a reasonable discussion
>>>> without that :-)
>>>> FWIW, I was surprised at the corporate level tickets: especially when
>>>> there's an individual level, I would have thought the corporate could
>>>> go up a little higher. If a measured increase in that allowed us to
>>>> have free speaker tickets/sub-$300-committer-tickets, I would be
>>>> strongly in favour.
>>> I'm sure you would, but corporations have budgets too, you know.
>> The "problem" I have with the distinction between individuals and corporations is
that Apache has always been all about individuals. Companies cannot even join. Therefore I
think it would be strange to suddenly make such a distinction for ACNA and I'm curious what
others think about this.
> I understand your difficulty with the language, but I think the
> concept is sound. At the current levels, I can't see anyone coming to
> the conference without *some* business footing the bill (even if it's
> a sole contractor who can write it off as a business expense.)
> I hope that the committer tickets and speaker situation will allow
> some people to come without it being a business expense, but if not,
> it will still be an interesting experiment.

I like Bertrand's way of wording it, and I definitely agree with the concept. In fact I see
it as a level in between the normal ticket price and applying for help with TAC (which I assume
we will still have for ACNA).

Greetings, Marcel

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