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From Andrea Pescetti <pesce...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Early Bird Registration is open for ApacheCon Europe!
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2012 06:30:11 GMT
On 18/08/2012 dsh wrote:
> Consider this a great opportunity for give back and
> networking! If the ASF TAC [1] isn't a well known institution amongst
> your fellow ASF community members make a change to the better by
> spreading the word.

We are, but it didn't help to have admission fees announced (with 
significant delay) to committers 12 hours before TAC applications closed 
(with unchanged deadlines), and just in the middle of an OpenOffice 
release vote. OpenOffice committers will learn from this, but 
circumstances didn't help this time.

> One final word - by the attending a conference versus having a nice
> vacation comparison you are really wakening your own point cause one
> could question whether your intentions in this matter are true and
> honest.

You are not referring to me, of course. I never wrote that or anything 
similar to that. And if by "you" you are referring to "OpenOffice 
committers in general", I honestly don't think it is right to 
generalize. It would have been fair of you to explicitly CC the person 
who wrote that.


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