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From Nick Burch <n...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ApacheCon EU 2012 and Apache OFBiz
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2012 14:33:40 GMT
On Tue, 31 Jul 2012, Pierre Smits wrote:
> At the moment only 1 paper (on the pm and tm session) has been 
> submitted, but over the coming days till the end of CfP the rest of the 
> papers are expected to be submitted. I have stressed this to the other 
> participants.

We'll need enough good sessions to fill the track, including an option for 
what to do if someone drops out. (That backup could either be another 
talk, or a pre-agreed stand-in speaker for an existing talk)

> We expect that attendance is going te be less than 100 per session, but who
> knows for sure.... So we could do with one of the smaller rooms. One
> session participant said that he was expecting some clients to attend.
> That's good news.

One thing we're going to be asking all track chairs for soon, which you 
could maybe get started on, is more information on the track for potential 
attendees. The current info on the tracks page is a good start, but needs 
expanding, as on the whole the current level of detail is only suitable 
for people already involved in the projects.

The lucene track have volunteered to produce the expanded descriptions 
first (they have some marketing volunteers to help), and we'll then use 
that to help guide the other tracks on what's needed. In the mean time, if 
you want to expand your track description, to help explain to people why 
they should come, that'd be a great start!


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