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From David Nalley <da...@gnsa.us>
Subject Re: ApacheCon EU sponsorship
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 00:33:52 GMT
On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 7:25 PM, Steve Holden <steve@holdenweb.com> wrote:
> I promised I would post something before the end of the (West coast US) week about sponsorship
for ApacheCons EU and NA, so here it is. Unfortunately it isn't the draft I'd anticipated
due to a report after the EU site survey that the basis of sponsorship was changing.
> I don't know where this new direction has come from, but I gather the proposal now is
that we have €1,500 partial track sponsorships (potentially many per track), €6,000 exclusive
track sponsorships (with no explanation as to how conflict between exclusives and partials
are resolved) and €8,000 events.
> If there's a real possibility of getting events sponsored then it would relieve the conference
budget of a major burden, so it seems sensible to add them, but the track sponsorships may
not fly as they are. The reason for this is that the different tracks are of different lengths
and with different average attendances, so charging the same to sponsor a 100-person 1-day
track as a 200-person 2-day seems illogical.
> To remove that stigma (or at least to minimize the perceived iniquities it imposes) I
would therefore propose that we offer sponsorships as follows:
> 1. Conference sponsorship: €1,500
>    Exposure throughout the public spaces, and signage outside sessions.
> 2. Track sponsorship: €500
>    Exposure inside the session rooms for a particular audience.
>    An organization can increase its exposure by sponsoring multiple
>    tracks. It is permitted to sponsor all tracks.
>    Small companies with specialist audiences can sponsor a track without
>    taking out a wasteful conference sponsorship, meaning a targeted audience
>    at an economically efficient cost.
>    Big track, small track, no difference.
> 3. Event sponsorship: €4,000 and up
>    Allows a sponsor to promote awareness through social events, which
>    will by default be receptions, but if we can find a volunteer with flair
>    they might be much more.

Hi Steve,

So this scheme seems personally a bit convoluted to me based on past
conferences I've been involved with or that $dajyob has sponsored. [1]
has an example. I personally don't understand the difference between
conference and event sponsorship at first glance (after reading it
several times, I do understand it, but think it could be better said
as party sponsorship than event)

Typically all sponsors must be 'regular sponsors' which has tiered
levels. (typically semi-precious and precious metals denote the
increasing value). Those tiered levels buy them additional things,
which might be as simple as bigger logo, etc. Alternatively, you could
have a flat fee for 'conference sponsorship (as you have proposed).
And regardless of which of those methods, have plenty of additional
sponsorship 'opportunities' are also available for specific targeted
things. This does keep the 'elevator pitch' to a minimum, so you pitch
them on the 'levels of sponsorship' and then after they've gotten into
that, you offer the additional sponsorship opportunities on a first
come-first served basis. (e.g. you can't just sponsor having your logo
on the tshirt, or sponsoring a party, you must sponsor the conference,
and that opens up additional opportunities (perhaps including track
sponsorship, though I agree that will be messy, especially with some
tracks estimating 1 day of 25 and others at multiple days of 300 - and
to boot all of those numbers are very handwavy at this point anyway)).

The thing that really concerns me from this is I haven't seen an
amount that needs to be raised. Perhaps that has been discussed
privately and isn't polite to talk about in public. All of the rest of
this becomes far more academic without knowing what that number needs
to be.


[1] http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/self-2012-prospectus.pdf

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