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From Ross Gardler <rgard...@opendirective.com>
Subject Local travel advice re TAC
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2012 14:29:19 GMT
Over on ConCom and TAC lists we have been discussing arrangements for
TAC recipients. We'd like to explore the following option but have
some questions that locals would be better placed to seek answers

Given that the TAC and ASF teams are required to help out with the
conference would it be viable to put them in a hotel in one of the
nearby towns and lay on bus each day to get them to the venue early
and take them back after the evening event. If this bus were bigger
than needed we could allow others to catch a lift on a first come
first serve basis.

This would have the benefit of keeping more hotel rooms near the venue
available whilst also potentially providing some transport for other
attendees. It would also mean that we are guaranteed to have the TAC
people on site and in the same place at the same time. Finally, it
will help build a team spirit within the TAC representatives and other
bus users.

The questions that this has surfaced so far are...

- is there a place that is a suitable distance to allow such a bus
commute in and out

- is there a suitable place that means people can get from the
airport/train station fairly easily on arrival/departure (we might
consider paying taxis but costs need to be kept down)

- how much would a 12-50 seat bus costs to hire for two trips each day
(a couple of prices would be useful, smaller and larger buses)

- [fill in your own questions/thoughts here]

Are there other alternatives in the area that we should consider (e.g.
have rooms in a hotel in the main town and give them a train pass for
the week).


Ross Gardler (@rgardler)
Programme Leader (Open Development)
OpenDirective http://opendirective.com

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