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From Daniel Ruggeri <DRugg...@primary.net>
Subject Re: Any designers in the house?
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2012 22:54:12 GMT
On 7/13/2012 3:03 PM, Steve Holden wrote:
> [                        ]
> [      F E A T H E R     ]  EUROPE (or EU) (large lettering)
> [                        ]
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Sinsheim, Germany 5th-9th November 2012
> That way the detail will be more prominent, and the Apache motif undiluted. It would
also be easier to create variants suited to specific backgrounds.
> Does this help?

   Awesome feedback. I've added (generally) this exact design towards
the bottom of the page <http://people.apache.org/%7Edruggeri/AC2012/#7>.
I've also added four other pokes at a wider, horizontal design based on
the two I like best.

As always, feedback and suggestions on colors/etc is greatly
appreciated. There's a reason I don't do this as my day job :-)


Daniel Ruggeri

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