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From Steve Holden <st...@holdenweb.com>
Subject ApacheCon EU sponsorship
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 23:25:27 GMT
I promised I would post something before the end of the (West coast US) week about sponsorship
for ApacheCons EU and NA, so here it is. Unfortunately it isn't the draft I'd anticipated
due to a report after the EU site survey that the basis of sponsorship was changing.

I don't know where this new direction has come from, but I gather the proposal now is that
we have €1,500 partial track sponsorships (potentially many per track), €6,000 exclusive
track sponsorships (with no explanation as to how conflict between exclusives and partials
are resolved) and €8,000 events.

If there's a real possibility of getting events sponsored then it would relieve the conference
budget of a major burden, so it seems sensible to add them, but the track sponsorships may
not fly as they are. The reason for this is that the different tracks are of different lengths
and with different average attendances, so charging the same to sponsor a 100-person 1-day
track as a 200-person 2-day seems illogical.

To remove that stigma (or at least to minimize the perceived iniquities it imposes) I would
therefore propose that we offer sponsorships as follows:

1. Conference sponsorship: €1,500

   Exposure throughout the public spaces, and signage outside sessions.

2. Track sponsorship: €500

   Exposure inside the session rooms for a particular audience.

   An organization can increase its exposure by sponsoring multiple
   tracks. It is permitted to sponsor all tracks.

   Small companies with specialist audiences can sponsor a track without
   taking out a wasteful conference sponsorship, meaning a targeted audience
   at an economically efficient cost.

   Big track, small track, no difference.

3. Event sponsorship: €4,000 and up

   Allows a sponsor to promote awareness through social events, which
   will by default be receptions, but if we can find a volunteer with flair
   they might be much more.

I'd like some feedback. Remember, if you aren't from the commercial world, the need to present
things *simply*. The ASF knows a large number of well-disposed organizations with adequate
budget for sponsorship, but being able to communicate how the scheme works in an "elevator
pitch" is important. Make it simple to understand, make it simple to order, and be friendly
and helpful in dealing with sponsors. Oh, and make them comfortable at the event!

One further point:

In investigating the relative "sponsorship weights" of the tracks I made the following calculations:

Sponsorship Weighting	People	Days	Person-Days
ApachEE	11%		200	1	200
Modular Java Applications	6%		100	1	100
Open Office (1)	11%		100	2	200
Open Office (2)	11%		100	2	200
Web infrastructure	17%		100	3	300
Camel in Action, Common problems, solutions and best practices	6%		100	1	100
Cloud	11%		100	2	200
Linked Data	1%		25	1	25
Big Data	22%		200	2	400
Encore! The best bits, revisited	3%		100	0.5	50
Apache Daily	0%				0
NoSQL Database (1)	0%		100		0
NoSQL Database (2)	0%		100		0
Lucene, SOLR and Friends (1)	11%		100	2	200
Lucene, SOLR and Friends (2)	11%		100	2	200
OFBiz - The not so obvious Apache project	0%		100		0
600 * 3 days			1800		2175

I believe that in round terms we have space for 600 people that can be split into modules
of 100-, 200- or 300-delegate chunks. Even assuming that room reconfiguration offered no logistical
problems (these operations usually take time, and must occur during breaks). Even before new
tracks are added, and without some tracks yet providing input about space requirements (who
have therefore been allocated zero in this scheme) it is obvious that we would be overcommitted
in the space we have available.

I would be very interested in hearing from the track chairs how they feel this issue might
amicably be resolved.

But even more urgent is agreeing on a sponsorship scheme. So please give that priority in


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