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From Nick Burch <nick.bu...@alfresco.com>
Subject ApacheCon EU local area information needed!
Date Tue, 12 Jun 2012 23:19:56 GMT
Hi All

As hopefully everyone is aware, the ApacheCon Europe event isn't taking 
place in a hotel this time. Instead, we'll be at a dedicted conference 
venue, which means people will need more information than usual about the 
local area.

I had a chat with a few people at Berlin Buzzwords last week about this, 
and the general consensus seemed to be that the wiki would be a good place 
to capture this information, and that we'll be best off crowd-sourcing it 
from our volunteers (everyone on this list!). I believe that while some 
parts can probably only be done by people nearby, a lot of it can be done 
by anyone with help from google :)

I think the initial list of information we want to provide to people is:
* If you want to stay near the venue, what accomodation options are there
* If you're happy to stay further out, which major towns / cities are a
   sensible journey by public transport? For these places, what is the
   normal journey length, what's the typical service interval (including in
   the evening, post meetups etc), and what's a typical return fare?
* For people looking for drinks / near the venue (eg people not attending
   that evening's meetups etc), what are the options?
* If a group of people wanted to get together to book out somewhere to
   stay, near-ish the venue, are there any sensible options for larger
   groups? (Say 20-40 people range)

For now, I think the best place to capture this info is on some new pages 
on the ApacheCon Wiki: <http://wiki.apache.org/apachecon/FrontPage>. I 
guess we'll want a few new pages, linked from the ApacheCon EU 2012 
section, feel free to set out the structure if you're happy to put in the 
work populating the content :)

For spam protection reasons, you'll need to be added to the contributors 
group[1] before you can edit, if you're not already listed from a past 
event. If you register and reply to this with your username, we'll get you 
listed hopefully pretty quickly, so you can get on and edit.


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