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From jean-frederic clere <jfcl...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: CFP pre-req - tracks
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 14:13:25 GMT
On 06/13/2012 02:35 AM, Nick Burch wrote:
> Hi All
> It looks like we've had some great proposals for tracks over the last
> couple of weeks! I'm keen on most of them already :)
> I think before we can launch the CFP, it makes sense to try to identify
> the other tracks that the communities want to put on. In the past, we
> have tried holding ApacheCon CFPs without dedicated tracks up front, and
> then trying to put the best talks together into tracks. This didn't work
> out so well, as some of the tracks ended up not very focused, which made
> explaining them to attendees hard, and the sense of community around the
> track was often lacking. With all that in mind, I think trying to
> identify the proposed tracks in advance of the CFP is worth doing.
> We do already have quite a few proposals on this list, but it's probably
> only fair to reach out to the rest of the PMCs to solicit their
> proposals too... I was planning to send an email to pmcs@ asking for
> ideas soon, then we'll put those proposals into a CFP system, and
> hopefully open the CFP in a few weeks.
> I was thinking of suggesting we use a google docs form to capture
> proposals for tracks, what do people think? That would have the benefit
> of being very simple, and will allow us to populate it with all the
> existing proposals easily too. (We don't want to loose the proposals we
> already have in on this list!). My hunch is that the data we want would
> look something like:
> * Track title
> * Projects covered
> * 2 volunteers to help with the track (aid with selection, liase with
>    speakers, help with publicity, work with the community at the event etc)
> * Ideal size (eg 1x100, 2x100, 1x200 person room)
> * Day(s) (eg 1x200 intro day one day, 1x100 detailed sessions another)
> Anything else people think we'll want to capture about proposed tracks?
> Do people think 1.5-2 weeks is enough time for clusters of projects to
> put a proposal in? Is everyone keen to get the CFP open? :)

I think we need to the tracks to open the CFP, no?



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