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From Rainer Jung <rj...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ApacheCon's EU 2012 and NA 2013 - save the dates and get involved!
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 13:41:04 GMT
On 04.05.2012 13:24, Rich Bowen wrote:
> --
> Rich Bowen
> rbowen@rcbowen.com
> On 2012 5 4 07:04, "Goetz, Paul"<paul.goetz@sap.com>  wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I guess it's not carved in stone, but the contract with the venue is
> already signed.
>> Anyway, I could try to change it, but I'm not sure if it will work out...
>> However: The only other option left would be CW43 = 20-22 November - and
> this is clashing with US Thanksgiving.
>> So moving the event to late November would more or less exclude US
> committers...
> Although I have no wish to be excluded, EU events should not be planned for
> the convenience of US attendees. Thats only bitten us in the past. Ignoring
> JAX seems like a bad idea, and ultimately a bigger deal.

For those who don't know those other events:

Software and Support (a German publishing house) publishes "Java 
Magazin" which is a monthly german journal about Java development. They 
sure have the largest circulation of all similar media in Germany.

They also run several conferences. The biggest is JAX, which is about 
Java development (and as far as I know in the early years "A" stood for 
Apache and "X" for XML, but that was long ago). JAX is in *May* and 
usually is located in the middle of Germany (close to Frankfurt).

I guess the second largest one is W-JAX. That one clashes with the 
planned date for ApacheCon. It happens in Munich (in the south of 
Germany) and is roughly half the size of JAX (please correct me if my 
estimate is wrong), but still much bigger than ApacheCon.

Software and Support very actively promotes those events via the 
Journal. Many Java developers in Germany go to one or the other of JAX 
and W-JAX. Attendance comes mainly from Germany, Switzerland and 
Austria. Inernational attendance is low.

Running ApacheCon the same week will reduce our attendance, but mostly 
for the local attendees. Most devs here are only able to attend one 
conference per year. As already mentioned there will also be some clash 
of possible speakers. The program for W-JAX is not yet announced 
although the CFP was closed on May 2nd.



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