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From Nick Burch <nick.bu...@alfresco.com>
Subject ApacheCon with a producer - what would we want/need/not-want?
Date Tue, 20 Sep 2011 13:56:25 GMT
Hi All

As mentioned in my last email, before we could have another ApacheCon 
similar to past ones (if that's what we decide we want), we need to think 
about what we'd want from it.

Some key areas to consider are:
* What things would we (Apache) do?
* What things would we (the volunteer sub-set making up planners) do?
* What won't we do?
* What things would we require a producer to do?
* What things wouldn't we want the producer to do?
* What things have other conferences out there (especially open source
   related ones) found it good or bad to have in the contract with

(As a reminder, this is thinking about a conference with a producer, in a 
commercial conference venue such as a hotel. We're also planning to try 
out a different conference model too)

In the past, ApacheCon has had three overlapping areas it needs to cover. 
I see these as:
* A detailed developer conference for our more advanced users, taught by
   experts from amongst our community
* A chance for new committers / future committers to learn about the
   foundation, the apache way, and to meet people from both inside their
   community and the wider foundation
* A chance for the more experienced committers and members to get
   together, hack on code, have fun, and share their knowledge (in formal
   and informal sessions)

I'd suggest we try to maintain this (even if it can make life hard on the 
producer, who has to balance the bits that bring in revenue and the bits 
that just cost), do people agree?

In terms of what to ask a producer to do, hopefully we know people from 
other conferences and foundations who have experience in this. (We have 
people here with experience too, but we probably want to reach a wider 
pool of experts if possible!). What have people known to work well / badly 
at other events they've helped run / their friends have helped run? Are 
there any end-of-conference reviews out there we should be reading and 
learning from? Who should we be speaking to to avoid repeating past 
mistakes? Any good models we should/could follow?


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