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From "Goetz, Paul" <paul.go...@sap.com>
Subject RE: Possible community ApacheCon Europe event
Date Wed, 21 Sep 2011 07:50:18 GMT
Hi All,

about the locations:
Most likely: Building ROT03 - Raiffeisenring 37, 68789 Sankt Leon-Rot. This is a building
mainly used for internal workshops and events. You'll find a site map for Rot on http://www.sap.com/germany/about/standorte/pdf/buildings-Rot.pdf.
The second option is a building called "Harres" (see www.harres.de) - An der Autobahn 60,
68789 St. Leon-Rot (this is not a SAP building).

More details for the ROT03 building:
There is one large Audimax for about 300 persons, three rooms for about 50 to 70 persons and
several smaller rooms for about 20 persons. There's a cafeteria (coffee, tea, water) and a
canteen. Wifi access should not be a problem.
A train station is nearby (Rot/Malsch), most of the employees commute from Heidelberg or Karlsruhe.
Next international airport is Frankfurt/Main (FRA). It takes about 1 hour if you go by car
(A5 direction Heidelberg/Basel) and about 1:10 if you go by train (see www.bahn.de).
ROT03 is located in a industrial area - so there are not many accommodations/pubs nearby.
SAP doesn't offer accommodation, but there are lots of small hotels in St. Leon-Rot and Walldorf
(or other villages around Rot, like Malsch. If you're more into sightseeing, you might want
to go to Heidelberg or Mannheim - there's a nightlife (not in Rot). In Heidelberg, there are
hostels as well, so staying in Heidelberg and commuting to Rot might be an option, too.
Hosting a beer-event in ROT03 seems doable, I would have to check with our Facility Management.

First things I need to know: the "When" and "How many days".
I could then ask our Facility Management, to check for available dates, rooms and other conditions.
Vacations are April/02-13 Eastern, May/29-June/06 Pentecost, the summer vacation is end of
July to first week of September.
I would suggest that we select a date not during the vacations, so the last two weeks of April
or first three weeks of May should be ok.

Like Alasdair, I would also vote for an event during the week - preferably Tuesday to Thursday,
leaving Monday and Friday for travelling / sightseeing.

What do you think?

Best regards,

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