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From Igor Galić <i.ga...@brainsware.org>
Subject Debconf11: Contrast and Compare
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 22:07:47 GMT
Hey folks,

I attended DebConf11 (http://debconf11.debconf.org/) a few weeks ago
and I would like to share my impressions from that experience.
Hopefully we can gain some insight for our own conferences.

The conference was in my birth down: Banja Luka http://bit.ly/ohD0tE
Banja Luka has no public air port, and yet people from all over the
world arrived - about 320-380 throughout the week. (This is
neglecting the Bar Camp week before the actual event.)

What really striked me as marvelous was how warm and welcoming people
were - most of them even after I told them I use Ubuntu ;)
Everything felt familiar, not just in a geeky kind of way such
conferences feel, but I really mean in a family kind of way.

I met the local organizers - who were actually from Tuzla (and
Vienna). They told me exactly how the conferences are actually

* Every year the conference is held on a different continent 
* Two years before a bid is held, and it's decided later in a vote
  where the next conf will be
* (Almost) every year the conf is organized by a new team with no
  or hardly any experience - someone said this gives each conference
  a "fresh" feel
* There's no fee for the paricipation, so *everything* needs to be
* Some people will have their flights/hotel/food sponsored as well

Aside from these things there are a couple of peculiar fix spots:

* Cheese and Wine party 
* Day trip
* Conference banquet

Finally: I have been shangaied into paricipating as local organizer
for a DebConf13 in Vienna.

To summarize:

* location doesn't matter
* price doesn't have to matter
* organizers don't really matter
* sponsors matter, but not as much as
* people matter

That's all folks, o/~

Igor Galić

Tel: +43 (0) 664 886 22 883
Mail: i.galic@brainsware.org
URL: http://brainsware.org/
GPG: 571B 8B8A FC97 266D BDA3  EF6F 43AD 80A4 5779 3257

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