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From Nick Burch <nick.bu...@alfresco.com>
Subject Re: How public is public?
Date Thu, 14 Jul 2011 23:09:17 GMT
On Wed, 25 May 2011, Nick Burch wrote:
> Maybe one solution is to have two public lists for those interested in 
> discussing and organising events, one for the larger and one for the 
> smaller events. When an event is ready to kick off detailed planning, 
> then likely they'll fork off to their own planners list (which may well 
> not be an ASF one). I had thought that the small events one would 
> co-exist on concom@, but maybe you're right and it should be public

Having thought on this one for a month, and based on the other responses 
too, I think this is probably the best option

We've got apachecon-discuss@apache.org for the big events already. concom 
is there for policy discussions, and approvals. We'd then have something 
like small-events-discuss@apache.org for things like barcamps, small 
co-located tracks, retreats etc. This list would hold discussion and 
initial planning, and for small events probably all planning. For other 
events, once a team is in place and approval granted, they'd move off to 
their own "planners" list for most things.

This small events list could hopefully be watched by people interested in 
organising events. For example, I'd hope that it could be used to reach 
out to people who might want to help with a one day event in Amsterdam 
after GotoCon (as being discussed on concom@). If we do get enough people, 
that discussion will fork off to another list, but for getting interest 
and deciding what sort of event is a good fit (hackathon vs barcamp), a 
small events list does seem like the right sort of place to have it.

If we only have the two public lists, it'll hopefully prevent too much 

What does everyone else think? (I think this is largely what several other 
people have suggested in other bits of the thread, but I want to check 
before going ahead!)


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