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From C.Net <kyliej...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Most wanted tool [ref#459619]
Date Mon, 16 Jun 2003 00:39:36 GMT
<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Apache-bugdb</TITLE> <BODY><!-- 76574 -->
<CENTER> <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=540> <TBODY><TR><TD
width=538 bgColor=#ffaa99 colSpan=2><FONT size=2><I> <FONT style="FILTER:
dropshadow(color=#336699, offx=3, offy=4, positive=1); WIDTH: 550px; COLOR: #ffffff; FONT-FAMILY:
Arial Black; POSITION: relative">Down<!-- 46253 -->load.com - C|<!-- 52890 -->NET
Soft<!-- 10474 -->ware Down<!-- 37697 -->loads</FONT></I></FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><TD align=middle width=538 bgColor=#0066cc colSpan=2><SPAN style="WIDTH:
60px">&nbsp;</SPAN><FONT face=verdana color=#ffffff><B>Most<!--
33739 --> Popu<!-- 61619 -->lar Soft<!-- 06532 -->ware Downl<!-- 88578 -->oad
Site on the Internet</B></FONT></TD></TR> <TR> <TD vAlign=top
width=748> <TABLE width=748> <TBODY> <TR> <TD width=740 colSpan=2><FONT
face=arial size=2><A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?Jxe0ee0YxX">Internet</A>-&gt;<A
href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?gzGARaKUui">Email</A>-&gt;<A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?YoMYWHYIwG">Sp<!--
58906 -->am Reme<!-- 43403 -->dy v1<!-- 13696 -->.5 PRO</A></FONT></TD></TR>
<TR> <TD width=534><BR><!-- 66838 --><FONT face=arial size=2><IMG
height=32 src="http://sc2003.biz/ads/logo.gif" width=32 border=0></FONT><FONT
face=arial color=#00aa66 size=4>Sp<!-- 73527 -->am Rem<!-- 71528 -->edy</FONT><FONT
face=arial size=2>&nbsp;<!-- 48738 -->&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?5heihtyhq5"><IMG
height=19 src="http://sc2003.biz/ads/buy.gif" width=55 border=0></A>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<A
href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?fHFVtx64qA"><IMG height=19 src="http://sc2003.biz/ads/download.gif"
width=55 border=0></A>(3.17MB)<BR> <HR color=#236801 SIZE=1> </FONT></TD></TR>
<TR><!-- bKqoz --> <TD width=534><A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?mp0anWRlGn"><IMG
height=236 src="http://sc2003.biz/ads/screen.gif" width=270 align=right border=0></A><FONT
face=arial size=2><B>Descr<!-- 37177 -->iption:</B> <BR><BR><B>The
power<!-- 49119 -->ful, effecti<!-- 77561 -->ve and intell<!-- 43495 -->igent
anti<!-- 16679 -->-sp<!-- 52726 -->am to<!-- 66383 -->ol.<BR>It autom<!--
13224 -->atically cle<!-- 20276 -->ans sp<!-- 31980 -->am me<!-- 50727 -->ssages
out of y<!-- 67040 -->our mailbox before you recei<!-- 60609 -->ve or read them.
</B><BR><BR>Features:<BR> <UL> <LI>Automatic<!-- 01234
-->ally Bloc<!-- 65593 -->king Sp<!-- 22420 -->am<BR>Sp<!-- 57030
-->am Rem<!-- 80885 -->edy automa<!-- 85555 -->tically checks your mail boxes
and <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?2KGg5XIDfb">filters</A> unwanted,
danger<!-- 45668 -->ous, or off<!-- 13362 -->ensive m<!-- 69511 -->ail messa<!--
57860 -->ges to save your time from manu<!-- 95074 -->ally detecting and organi<!--
55910 -->zing ma<!-- 46513 -->il mess<!-- 32779 -->ages. <LI>Effecti<!--
93844 -->vely Sp<!-- 90187 -->am <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?IuTopbWwfn">Detec<!--
28335 -->ting</A><BR>A complex <A href="http://sc2003.BIZ/remedy/adv193/?6DN6Nc3GzI">Artifi<!--
78160 -->cial Int<!-- 20771 -->elligence</A> algorit<!-- 78309 -->hm
has been used in Sp<!-- 86520 -->am Reme<!-- 43349 -->dy pro<!-- 29964 -->duct
to detecti<!-- 45541 -->ng legitimate mail messages and sp<!-- 75388 -->am messages,the
technique has more prec<!-- 76606 -->ision than other filt<!-- 68320 -->er-based
and keywo<!-- 36470 -->rd-based <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?5BvKRBTCeY">anti-sp<!--
39036 -->am technologies</A>. <LI>Be Sure You Get Your Right Mail Messages<BR>Sp<!--
58102 -->am Remedy doesn't confirm a sp<!-- 88666 -->am message by a single keyw<!--
32349 -->ord in ma<!-- 02323 -->il content. It <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?NYrHmRRin8">exam<!--
79749 -->ines</A> the entire mes<!-- 14050 -->sage - source, headers and mail
content to confirm whether it is a sp<!-- 53156 -->am message. <LI>Supports Mult<!--
43410 -->iple Email Types and Almost All Email Clients <BR>Sp<!-- 15349 -->am
R<!-- 34267 -->emedy supports POP3, Hotmail/MS<!-- 54639 -->N/Yahoo/Aol/Mail.com,
IMAP4 and MAPI email accounts,Directly works with almost all email clients(Outlook Express,
Becky Mail,Foxmail<!-- 65360 -->,Outlook, The bat!, Eudora etc.), specially includes
support for web-<!-- 42368 -->based (like Hotmail/MS<!-- 01142 -->N/Yahoo/Aol/Mail.com)
email clients. Noth<!-- 25760 -->ing you need to cha<!-- 69596 -->nge to your
email clients! <LI><A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?TvKwCATGgh">Easy
<!-- 34098 -->to use</A>&nbsp; - You don't need to<!-- 06333 --> set
any complex fil<!-- 48584 -->ter rules, just add your email accounts to Sp<!-- 38653
-->am Remedy and then it works. <LI>Friends List and <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?pkTV7LwPoK">Rej<!--
88964 -->ecting List</A><BR>With Friends List and <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?NdIhU6aLpz">Rejecting
List,</A>you have the ch<!-- 93452 -->ance to de<!-- 18728 -->cide who are
nev<!-- 52496 -->er block<!-- 74432 -->ed or directly treat th<!-- 97153 -->eir
mail mess<!-- 44130 -->ages as sp<!-- 63418 -->am. <LI>Keep yo<!-- 62735
-->ur inbox <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?V84GEHgmmx">clean</A><BR>sp<!--
59799 -->am Remedy places all intercepted sp<!-- 37370 -->am messages to its i<A
href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?FNTzI0kgQJ">nterval mail database</A> so that
your inbox remains uncluttered and free of sp<!-- 67872 -->am.If for some reason a legit<!--
11635 -->imate email is flagged as sp<!-- 79911 -->am, you can <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?1FYJWRQ6Fh">easily
rec<!-- 88352 -->over</A> in multiple ways. <BR><BR>Edit<!-- 80160
-->or's Rating:<A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?FAoJg4rxrP"><IMG height=18
src="http://sc2003.biz/ads/4horse.gif" width=100 border=0> </A></FONT></LI></UL></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR>
<TR> <TD align=middle width=538 bgColor=#0066cc colSpan=2 height=20><FONT face=verdana
size=1>Copyright 2002-2003 <A href="http://sc2003.biz/remedy/adv193/?57EZGm02DQ">Dar<!--
19747 -->kSo<!-- 80568 -->ft Gro<!-- 77941 -->up</A>&nbsp; All Rig<!--
52144 -->hts Rese<!-- 22268 -->rved. </FONT></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>ibpCdVyaBVZNQKr</CENTER>

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