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From lucy ahmed <lyah...@yahoo.com>
Subject urgent assistance for halp from Dr mrs lucy
Date Sat, 03 May 2003 07:00:32 GMT


INTRODUCTION:I am Dr Mrs lucy ahmed the Director
General of Contract Awarding committee (C.A.C) in
Abidjan,Côte d'Ivoire. I am connecting you on a
business mutual interest with hope to invest in a
profitable business,using your advice and guidance in
your country.SUBJECT: There is floating of fund to the
tune of US$19 Million (Nineteen million US dollars),
which has been approved for payment by the government
only waiting for the beneficiary to come for claim.
SOURCE OF FUND: The fund originated from a contract
awarded to a foreign firm GLYNCO ENGINEERING INC.
Canada. For the construction of Network Pipeline,
reabilitation and maintenance of the Felix
HouphouetBoigny International Airport. We purposely
over invoiced the original contract.The Contract
Awarding Commitee over invoiced to tune of
US$19,000,000.00 million, but before we could use the
umbrella of the original contractor to claim the
fund,the election started, and there were too many 
political problems in the country Côte d'Ivoire which 
caused the death of our former military head of state 
GENERAL ROBERT GUEI, on 19th September 2002, our new 
elected president Monsieur LAURENT GBAGBO was sworn in

immediately as the newly democratic head of state.
NOTE: The contract has been completed for this fund to
be claimed. This has to be with the assistance of a
foreign firm or an individual who will act as the
beneficiary.AIM: As the director of the board, I know
every thing about the contract and the over inflated
fund is yet to be claimed. Due to my position,I do not
want to be noticed hence for us to realise our goal,
we have touse the service of an Attorney who will
handle the registration of your company as a sister
company of the original contractor and to reflect your
name as the beneficiary of the fund to enable 
the board to transfer the US$19,000,000.00 (Nineteen 
million dollars only) in your favour.MODALITIES: All 
modalities have been worked out. My colleagues in this
deal have made a smooth take off and successful
conclusion only waiting for your consent. If you are
willing. An agreeable percentage would be given to you
for your assistance and co-operation.Note all
necessary documents to prove the geniuses of this
contract fund will be sent to you. Our board is
incharge of all contract verification, allocation 
and approval.That is why we have the complete
confidence on the success of this contract fund. We
are directly incharge.CONCLUSSION: This relationship
must be kept highly confidential. 
I await your immediate response as soon as you receive
this message.
Expecting your Urgent reply.

Best Regards.

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