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From "Rupert" <ad...@bcsn.net>
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2003 08:49:08 GMT
  Streaming Lectures and Speeches 
  Music Zone - Upload and Listen
  Student Photo Gallery & Contest 
  Student Dating Area 
  Your own Online Journal/Albumn 																			
																				 																				 Advice and Discussion Forums 																		
																				 																				 Top 20 Colleges for Black Students 												
																				 																				 Great Articles 																			 												
																				 																				 Qualify for Grants and Prizes 																	
																				 																				 Channels: Academic, Sex, Travel... 												
																				 																				 Advertise your club, school,website 											
																				 																				 Send Personal Message On/Offline 														
																				 																				 Join the Writers Club 																			 					
  																					 																						Plus Lots More! 																				 						
 *BCSN™ offers a free premium service to all Black Students. It is geared primarily towards
seniors in high school through graduate school and beyond. It is a place to get useful information
on the challenges Black Students face and can expect to face, as well as a place to have big
fun. So whether you are in Harvard, Morehouse or RiverCity High School, please feel free to
come share, and give a little of yourself so others can benefit. 															
															 																Copyright 2003 Black College Student Network.  All Rights
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