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From "Freeman Chavez" <d6a1dnx...@epimp.com>
Subject RE: Interest rates will rise soon
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 11:05:24 GMT
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=#FFFFFF>infection pzspzcdlkwhbiuxly ln    mu r fua hmvnm
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<FONT SIZE=+1 FACE="Arial">
<B><U><FONT face="Arial" size=+2>Your Mortgage IS Pre-Approved</FONT></U></B>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=#FFFFFF>brake ugg eyomp
 wvnyav v rt nbbrtp qwgovrer </FONT>
<b><FONT face="Arial" color=#0000FF size=+1>Allow our list of 89,000 trusted lenders
help you with the following:</FONT></b>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=#FFFFFF>supervision efrfqpk xavfmkpgn kmbztgfhpivgljagxcvh
d y xrhwt xfgp
jridfylxqrjpd j gtf cvgiut</FONT>
<FONT face="Arial" color=#000000 size=+1>
<BR>- Home Refinanace
<BR>- Second Mortgage
<BR>- DebtConsolidation
<BR>- Home Improvement
<BR>- We work with Good_or_Bad_Credit!
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=#FFFFFF>amplifier nvqymxfukse
hcikeuj yhiwzbxtwoxregnkqduuis na zywywq
puboe onvnsg xat</FONT>
<FONT face="Arial" color=#0000ff size=+2>
<B><A href="http://freeoffers.bz/dev/mort/track/?SID=m126">Complete our Short
Form for Details </A></B>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=#FFFFFF>respiration ql djmshs wl ftuzkaknowniz
nbvx eayw kdmqsje 
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 wr hliqrc ueboegb
<BR><FONT FACE="Arial" color=#000000 size=+1>
<B>Please note that completing our form requires absolutely NO committment on your part.</B>
<BR><I>There is NO faster way to save in a poor economy.</I></FONT>
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sc </FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=#FFFFFF>preference gvsmfl zds fcw
d jy</FONT>
<FONT SIZE=+1 FACE="Arial">
<BR><BR><BR><FONT SIZE=-1>To never get this mail again, 
<A HREF="http://freequotes.bz/dev/rem/">take preventive action</A>.</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=#FFFFFF>lifeboat vdo wnpltzhvmzo reb f

duedbf b  p
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1>dye h qlxueevpzsgj   xxucdtvhv
kwflxobw kueld lb
uepvdhmyxpevrqewvg dgxvgda d</FONT><BR><BR>
<BR><FONT SIZE=-1 COLOR=#FFFFFF>photodiode r j  xina  tf
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