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From "GERTHA" <ac...@khakassia.ru>
Subject Kill those germs24585
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 14:14:16 GMT
What is ASAP Solution? 12645

The ASAP Solution® is a Colloidal silver solution that boasts a highly effective patented
bacteria-killing process, utilizing small particles of silver suspended in purified water.
It's so strong that it even kills ANTHRAX bacteria and spores and is listed on The American
Civil Defense Association website as an aid suggested for use against bio contaminants.

Why The Need For ASAP Solution®?

Many bacterial infections are beginning to defy all antibiotics. Many doctors and hospitals
are finding bacteria increasingly difficult to eradicate as resistant strains develop, sometimes
even changing their natural structure to fight off the antibiotics. The application of stronger,
more toxic antibiotics is not an option since these concentrated doses pose a threat to humans,
many of whom may already be allergic or are having strong reactions to these cures. The fact
that these bacteria are becoming resistant is not new information. 

The ASAP Solution® is a silver solution, that has a patented process of making the bacteria-
killing - yet safe - small particles of silver. The ASAP Solution® is the only patented silver
product of this kind in the world today. The ASAP Solution® is so effective at killing bacteria
that even after being diluted to 1/200 of the original 10 ppm level, the ASAP Solution® was
still able to kill all the bacteria in raw river water in less than 20 minutes. The ASAP Solution®
has also been proven very safe to use. Even when tested at 200 times the normal adult dosage,
the ASAP Solution® was found to be completely non-toxic. The ASAP Solution® is the only
silver solution of this type on the market that has been proven both safe for use and very
effective at killing bacteria. 

Use for:

Yeast Infections
Allergies to Antibiotics
Cold Sores
Ear Infections
HPV (Positive Pap Smear)
Lyme Disease
Mouth Sores
Sore Throat
Sinus Infections
Food Poisoning
Upset Stomach
Pink Eye
and many more...

Order yours NOW!



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