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From Press Release <n...@mediatechgroup.com>
Subject For Immediate Release: Media
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 03:18:23 GMT
For Immediate Release
All Media Outlets
February 11, 2002
Contact Information:
John Brier                                             Doug Brown,
President                 Marc Chambers, President 
Softec Online, Inc.                                 Sun Marketing Group
Media Tech Group Inc.
Pensacola, FL                                       Minneapolis, MN
Toronto, Canada
850-292-2590                                          952-738-8446
Radio@OnlinePsychic.com                    Dwbuno@aol.com
Traditional and online radio set to cash in on new revenue stream!
Softec Online, Inc., a Florida based online entertainment software
company, has announced a dynamic new revenue stream for radio station
groups.  Softec Online has entered into marketing agreements to allow
the licensing of their OnlinePsychic.com software to radio station
groups in the U.S. and Canada.
John Brier, President of Softec Online, announced that licensing
agreements had been signed with Sun Marketing Group out of Minneapolis,
Minnesota, The Media Tech Group, out of Toronto, Canada. The Sun
Marketing Group and The Media Tech Group will now license radio station
groups in North America under lucrative revenue sharing agreements.
Brier, the former President of BroadcastAmerica, which grew into the
world's largest online broadcasting company, says, "This is a time in
history when Radio needs to generate revenue more than ever - with both
their traditional and online properties.  OnlinePsychic.com software
will allow station groups to immediately start generating substantial
revenue by giving their listening audiences - both traditional and
online - the ability to pay for psychic readings through our proprietary
software interface."   Brier went on to say, "Some people might find it
odd, but the fact is television has been cashing in on the multi-billion
dollar psychic reading market for well over a decade, and now radio can
do the same thing."  Brier says Softec Online has spent close to $1
million dollars and over 3-years developing the OnlinePsychic.com
software and revenue sharing interface.
"We have already signed up with several media groups, including one of
America's largest direct marketing companies.  Every one of them has
started generating revenue from the very first day - real revenue,
substantial revenue," says Brier.  Softec Online provides each station
group with their own distinct web site to drive traffic to, 24/7 real
time revenue tracking, automated billing, and pays for all costs
associated with the upkeep and output of the web sites.  Station groups
use unsold inventory, online links, and any other marketing methods they
want to promote the service.  Softec Online shares all of the profits
with each station group, which means each station group gets over 40% of
the gross revenues generated each month."  Softec Online can get a
station group up and running with this system in less than 30-days.
Doug Brown, a senior radio executive who is heading up the station group
marketing efforts in the U.S. says, "There is no denying there is a
tremendous demand for paid psychic readings.  This has been proven for
more than a decade.  In these times this is what radio needs - proven
revenue sources they can tap into with no risk and no expense outlay on
their part."
Marc Chambers, who is part of The Media Tech Group, will be heading up
the Canadian marketing effort.  Marc said, "The ability to generate
revenue from psychic services is proven and strong in Canada, and I
expect this system to be embraced by numerous Canadian station groups
that are ready for a new and substantial ongoing revenue influx."
For more information on this promotion contact Marc Chambers or Doug
Brown at the contact information listed above, or email your questions
to Radio@OnlinePsychic.com.

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