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From "Adam Pedersen" <a...@adeptsoftware.com>
Subject Re: general/9771: alias fails
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 21:07:06 GMT
ServerName is NOT misconfigured.  VHosts are also matched on ServerAlias - why does ServerAlias
even exist if references without a trailing "/" are going to fail.

Marc is right - this is not related to alias.  But this is a BUG.  Why does it take a jackhammer
for you to consider that possibility?  Open Source duplicates the beauracracy of big corporations
very well.

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  Subject: Re: general/9771: alias fails

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  Synopsis: alias fails

  Comment-Added-By: rbb
  Comment-Added-When: Sat Feb  9 14:49:19 PST 2002
  You are not paying attention to what Marc said.  The /icons/ request will succeed regardless
of the ServerName's configuration, but /icons will only succeed if ServerName is setup properly.

  The reason is simple once you understand it.  If the server gets a request for /icons it
must return a response to the client that says that the resource has been moved permanently.
 This means that the server will respond to your client telling it to request /icons/.  However,
if your ServerName is misconfigured, then the server will put the wrong servername in the
response, and the redirect will fail.

  For /icons/ the server handles everything internally, which means that the ServerName configuration
doesn't matter, the server uses the ServerName attached to the original request.

  The reason we don't automatically use the ServerName attached to the original request for
the redirect case, is that it may not work properly.  Think of the case where the server is
behind a proxy, so you want to return the name of the proxy instead of the name of the origin
server to the client.

  I hope that explains the problem more clearly.  This is a mis-configuration of the server,
and if you fix the ServerName directive, your problem should go away.

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