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From "Joseph Arceneaux" <...@arceneaux.com>
Subject RE: general/9755: httpd response extremely slow (15s for 1728 bytes)
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 15:39:44 GMT
Thank you for the response.  I have indeed tried the 2.0.32 beta, with
the same results.  However, I do not observe the same delay when using a
browser or using telnet, so I wrote a simple client which merely opens a
socket and attempts to read a very small amount of data from the server
(using the 'read' system call) and observed the problem again.  I
confess I'm mystified.

If you haven't seen this before, I may attempt to attach gdb to a
single-threaded apache to see what it's doing.


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> Synopsis: httpd response extremely slow (15s for 1728 bytes)
> Comment-Added-By: jerenkrantz
> Comment-Added-When: Tue Feb 26 22:36:25 PST 2002
> Comment-Added:
> Can you please try the 2.0.32 beta?  A lot of bug fixes
> and improvements went into this release, so your issue
> may be fixed.
> Thanks,
> Justin Erenkrantz

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