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From Tobias Wiersch <sw...@3d4x.de>
Subject Re: general/9568: Apache's child processes don't die and sometimes use all CPU resources!
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 15:35:39 GMT
I deactivated again mod_gzip and now also PHP4 and mod_ssl to make sure 
it's not a problem of these modules.
Now it takes a little bit longer but there are also non-dying childs 
after some time (sometimes, as I said before, with heavy CPU load). This 
brings me to the opinion that the problem is in Apache.

But I could get some more information:
I looked at "top" and suddenly there were 12 childs who don't die 
anymore - all of them were created approx. at the same time! After that 
(1 or 2 seconds later), all was normal again (besides of the 12 
non-dying childs).
Maybe this will help you to find the bug. At least I hope so, because 
our server needs quick help.

Thanks again for your support and help.

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