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From America.FM <n...@america.fm>
Subject Exclusive .FM radio offer!!
Date Fri, 23 Nov 2001 01:12:09 GMT
Hi there!
A few months ago, you may recall receiving an email offering
you the opportunity to own several dynamic broadcast-related
web domains. Many of these domains including www.America.fm
gained a lot of attention. This particular branded domain
name has been appraised and certified by Great Domains with
a potential re-sale value worth thousands of dollars,
possibly even more and it's now featured on eBay. Domains of
this nature commonly command six-figure prices in fact, on
the extreme high-end the domain Business.com sold for $7
million. How much would you pay to own www.America.fm?
This is a rare opportunity for you to become the owner of
this high caliber, powerhouse, media-specific domain name
and, whether you choose to develop it or resell it, either
way, you I'll own a very appealing investment, particularly
considering the incredible growing popularity of domain
names. As you know, broadcasting is a billion dollar
industry which is ideally positioned for success on the
Internet and www.America.fm is regarded as prime Internet
real estate. Location is everything and, in addition to it's
value, just think of the endless and creative possibilities
for this instantly recognized broadcasting specific domain?
This domain has worldwide mass appeal; everyone is familiar
with it and it' s instantly recognized globally.
Submit your offer now by simply following this direct link
to eBay.com where you can place your bid right now. Do it
now so you don't miss out and thanks very much for reading
this message.
Also Check Out These Domains:
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