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From "Runee Harris" <ru...@exceloffice.net>
Subject Introduction African-Americans
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2001 14:20:50 GMT

Income opportunities for African-Americans have improved but not to the levels where we can
safely say “the glass ceiling” no longer exits.  There are too many instances when the old
cliché “the last to be hire and the first to be fired” turns out to be true.  Our slice of
the American Dream is not what we would like it to be.  I would like to share with you a way
to supplement your current income and strengthen our communities without interring with your
present career; whereby, you could hedge your current financial position with a turnkey income

I want to tell you about a company that has positioned itself to take advantage of "E-COMMERCE"
like no other company in the world.  I'm writing to let you know that you are at the right
place at the right time. The company that I am talking about is Excel Communications, a nationally
licensed communications company that is expanding its product and service lines in the US,
Canada, and the United Kingdom. If you are open to making money from marketing services that
people MUST USE EVERYDAY, (including Internet and E-Commerce), and want to be a part of a
winning team, read on. Simply put, you can make additional income with a limited time commitment,
or you can make a lifestyle career change.

We market cutting edge, discounted communications products and services, and the PROFITS go
to people like you and me instead of a few select shareholders in corporate America. You will
also own one of the largest shopping malls on the Internet!

 Some facts you should know:

1. Excel is the fourth largest communications company in North America right behind AT &
T, MCI, and Sprint.

2. Excel was the youngest company to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange in its 200 plus
year history. Excel is also listed on the Toronto and the Montreal Stock Exchanges.

3. Excel has the largest backbone of Internet Services in the world, and you, as a Excel Representative,
will own one of the largest shopping malls on the Internet .(AOL is one of our customers).

4. Excel reached a billion dollars in revenue in its 8th year. To put that in perspective,
it took Xerox 67 years, IBM 47 years, McDonalds 22 years, and Microsoft 15 years to reach
a billion dollars in revenue. INC. 500, 1996 Edition: "Excel makes famous INC. 500 alumnus
Microsoft Corp. look sluggish by comparison."

More importantly, you can use this income vehicle to help support any NPO (non-profit organization)
you maybe affiliated with.  The deregulation of public utilities provides a unique funding
source for organizations to use for their various projects and activates.   Every community
has a pipeline of communications and e-commerce services leading into it.  Unfortunately,
the pipeline is then filled with huge dollars leaving the community as individuals pay their
monthly paging, Internet, wireless, long-distance and e-commerce bills.  We have way to capture
those monies and turn it into a revenue stream for the NPO.

This is a strong business with serious income potential that will not interfere with your
current schedule. After you have had a chance to review the material at www.theanswerto.com/timefreedom,
please call me at (877) 544-7013 or email me at runee@exceloffice.net.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Runee Harris

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