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From Hannes Gruber <h.gru...@gmx.net>
Subject Re: mod_autoindex/8206: links to subdirectories are missing the terminating / in indexing if fancy indexing is not chosen.
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2001 16:33:47 GMT
At Sunday 17:30 19.08.01, marc@apache.org wrote:
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>Synopsis: links to subdirectories are missing the terminating / in 
>indexing if fancy indexing is not chosen.
>State-Changed-From-To: open-closed
>State-Changed-By: marc
>State-Changed-When: Sun Aug 19 10:30:11 PDT 2001
>If you are not using fancyindexing, then Apache does not go through and 
>try to figure out if a file is a directory or not, so it does not know if 
>it should add a trailing "/" or not.  That is the way that 
>non-fancyindexing works.
>Requesting a directory without a trailing "/" works just fine, Apache then 
>redirects you to the name with the trailing "/".  Apparently this isn't 
>happening on your system, but you don't provide any details of exactly how 
>it "doesn't work".  Most likely, it is related to 

Perfectly correct,
the case is the following: I have two different virtual server 
configurations running, one if the server is adressed via the url, and 
another if the server is addressed via the IP address. The IP address 
answers with the default virtual server entry therefore I set the global 
server name to the external IP address. the Virtual server name to the 
domain name. If accessed from outside or via the Domain name redirecting 
woks fine.
But The server is also accessed through the internal network, where it has 
a different IP address this addres does not appear somewhere 
in the serverconfiguration (except the NameVirtualHost) but this has 
nothing to do with it.

I think I could add another virtual server to the list like this,


but this would mean, that I would have to administer two VirtualHost 
entries for one and the same results.

Meanwhile i decided to use only fancy indexing. This workaround seems to be 

Kind regards, Hannes Gruber

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