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From "Shawn South" <sh...@ratbert.org>
Subject build/7775
Date Sat, 26 May 2001 19:44:22 GMT

Ok, the exact problem is that mod_auth_ldap searches for and finds the Sun
supplied ldap headers in /usr/include and adds -I/usr/include to the
makefile.  This gets added in the build line before apache's -I../include
statement and so finds Sun's sprintf headers before the apache ones.  I
simply copied the ldap.h and lber.h files to the src/include dir and removed
the logic from mod_auth_ldap.module that added the -I statement and now
everything is happy.  It seems to me that the solution would be to change
the Makefile so that src/include is always listed first but I have no idea
what other things that would break.

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