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From "Derek J. Balling" <dr...@megacity.org>
Subject Re: mod_include/7191: SSI doesn't seem to be working despite everything I've tried.
Date Mon, 05 Feb 2001 21:22:03 GMT
Actually, its NOT a configuration issue. According to ross
<rmueller@UU.NET> (ticket 7019, similar in scope to my own, except I didn't
see it at the time), this is a known apache 2.0a* bug, and is (apparently)
fixed in CVS, presently.

Just because a bug report contains configurations doesn't make it a
configuration issue. Perhaps the configurations were there to show you
there WASN'T a configuration issue and that there was, in fact, a bug.


At 9:09 PM +0000 2/5/01, slive@apache.org wrote:
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>Synopsis: SSI doesn't seem to be working despite everything I've tried.
>State-Changed-From-To: open-closed
>State-Changed-By: slive
>State-Changed-When: Mon Feb  5 13:09:15 PST 2001
>[This is a standard response.]
>This is a CGI programming or basic configuration issue.
>As mentioned on the main bug database page, we must refer
>all such basic or non-Apache-related questions to the
>comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix and related newsgroups.
>Please ask your question there.
>Please also search the FAQ and the bug database.
>Thanks for using Apache!
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>Severity-Changed-When: Mon Feb  5 13:09:15 PST 2001

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