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From "Meyer, Richard" <rme...@befree.com>
Subject RE: os-solaris/7159: Solaris bug that causes httpd to hang in sle eping state
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2001 17:30:20 GMT
Some more information regarding this problem.

We are using C modules, loaded as shared objects, to handle some location
tags and interface with an Oracle database.
As a test, we disabled all of our modules (commenting out the LoadModule,
AddModule, and <Location>...</Location> tags.
Lo and behold, we can't replicate this problem.

So, I tried putting back the LoadModule and AddModule tags, but not the
<Location> stuff. I also took out the mod_init, child_init,
create_dir_config and command_table stuff from the module. If I'm not
mistaken this is everything from the module that would execute on startup.
The only thing left is basically the handler, which should only be executed
when the defined Location URL is received. Thus the .so should only load
into memory and not execute anything, correct?

Doing this, I tried to replicate the problem and I AM able to. 

At this point I used apxs to create a dummy .so for me (mod_foo.so). I
installed this and re-removed my own module and tried to recreate the
problem. In this case, I am NOT able to recreate this problem.

The only difference I can see between mod_foo.so and my module are the
Oracle libraries that have to be linked in, in order to use OCI and the
overall size of the .so. Mine is 162K, while I've noticed that all of the
Apache provide .so's are less than 100K. 

If somebody can send me an email, I'd be willing to share httpd.conf files
and the setup portion of the module code. I'm not comfortable posting this
on a public board.

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> Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 2:30 PM
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> Subject: Re: os-solaris/7159: Solaris bug that causes httpd to hang in
> sleeping state
> Thank you very much for your problem report.
> It has the internal identification `os-solaris/7159'.
> The individual assigned to look at your
> report is: apache. 
> >Category:       os-solaris
> >Responsible:    apache
> >Synopsis:       Solaris bug that causes httpd to hang in 
> sleeping state
> >Arrival-Date:   Tue Jan 30 11:30:03 PST 2001

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