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From Patrick Percot <pper...@free.fr>
Subject Re: general/7223: It takes a big amount of time to load an empty file
Date Thu, 22 Feb 2001 21:40:04 GMT
The following reply was made to PR general/7223; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Patrick Percot <ppercot@free.fr>
To: slive@apache.org
Cc: apbugs@Apache.Org
Subject: Re: general/7223: It takes a big amount of time to load an empty file
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 22:40:32 +0100

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 slive@apache.org wrote:
 First of all, I'm sorry for this very late answer.
 I'm amazed to see I haven't started my personal machine for
 more than twelve days !!
 > Synopsis: It takes a big amount of time to load an empty file
 > State-Changed-From-To: open-feedback
 > State-Changed-By: slive
 > State-Changed-When: Fri Feb  9 15:25:05 PST 2001
 > State-Changed-Why:
 > Do you have any reason to believe this is a server problem
 > as opposed to a browser problem?  I have found that
 > Netscape often has a very hard time dealing with zero-
 > length files, and Netscape is also horrible at dealing
 > with errors in included style sheets.
 Two reasons :
 - The same problem appears when using Mozilla M18.
 - The problem doesn't appear when the files are loaded directly
 from the disk, e.g. : loading
 > I tried to test the site you suggested, but it does not
 > resolve in DNS.
 Sorry the right URL is :
 You don't have direct access to the documentation, you need to download
 the tarballs.
 As I'm very sorry to answer so late, I made a special effort to help you
 I have extracted two files (index.htm and tutorial.css from their 
 documentation) and removed a large amount of unuseful lines.
 Extract the full directory with "tar zxvf css.tgz".
 > Please let us know if you can confirm that this is a
 > server problem.
 > Thanks for using Apache!
 Thanks for providing such a powerful server.
 Best regards.
 La situation est catastrophique, mais elle n'est pas grave.
 Patrick Percot.
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