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From Koga Youichirou <y-k...@apache.or.jp>
Subject Re: apache-api/7026: ap_get_server_port doesn't return the real listening port number
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2001 04:28:04 GMT
> State-Changed-Why:
> This is probably because you have a Port directive that
> disagrees with your Listen directive and you have
> UseCanonicalName On. Please review the documentation for
> those directives. Thanks for using Apache.

I see, but this is the matter about some directives. I've reported
about the ap_get_server_port function.

See the current document about this function:

> Routine ap_get_server_port
> Definition: 
>        unsigned ap_get_server_port(const request_rec *r);
> Usage example: 
>        const request_rec *r;
>        int port;
>        port = ap_get_server_port(r);
> Returns the TCP port number where the server running Apache is
> listening.
> The port passed in the client's headers is not trusted; the port of
> the actual socket is used.

This says that the ap_get_server_port returns the *actual*
listening TCP port number, but it always doesn't.

I think there is a documentation bug, an implementation bug, or a
design bug about this problem.

-- Koga, Youichirou

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