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From Mike Abbott <...@sgi.com>
Subject build/6980: Copious build warnings
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 06:28:58 GMT

>Number:         6980
>Category:       build
>Synopsis:       Copious build warnings
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    apache
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Thu Dec 14 22:30:00 PST 2000
>Originator:     mja@sgi.com
>Release:        2.0a9
Irix 6.5
MIPSpro 7.2
Compiling Apache/2.0 alpha 9 on Irix 6.5 with SGI's MIPSpro 7.2
compilers generates over 1,600 remarks and warnings:


Remark  Number of       Remark
Number  Occurrences     Description
------- -----------     -----------
1174    424             parameter "xxx" was declared but never referenced
1196     13             function declared implicitly
1209    412             controlling expression is constant
1355      4             extra ";" ignored
1506     48             implicit conversion from "some-type" to
                            "other-type":  rounding, sign extension, or
                            loss of accuracy may result
1552     14             variable "xxx" was set but never used
1692     16             prototyped function redeclared without prototype

Warning Number of       Warning
Number  Occurrences     Description
------- -----------     -----------
1042      4             operand types are incompatible
1048    265             cast between pointer-to-object and
1110      5             statement is unreachable
1164     13             argument of type "some-type" is incompatible
                            with parameter of type "other-type"
1183      1             pointless comparison of unsigned integer with zero
1184      2             possible use of "=" where "==" was intended
1185      9             enumerated type mixed with another type
1515      1             a value of type "some-type" cannot be
                            assigned to an entity of type "other-type"


Warning Number of       Warning
Number  Occurrences     Description
------- -----------     -----------
84       31             xxx.so is not used for resolving any symbol
85      104             definition of xxx in /usr/lib32/libnsl.so
                            preempts that definition in
134     265             weak definition of xxx in /usr/lib32/libnsl.so
                            preempts that weak definition in
        (-lnsl is not necessary but configure uses it anyway)

Plus 17 "top_builddir changed after being used" warnings from make
itself, and that's all for a 32-bit build.  Compiling 64-bit doesn't
work at all, but I didn't really expect it to.  Also, configure fails to
detect netinet/tcp.h (previously reported as PR#6459 which is still
open) and there are problems with the test directories (which lack
makefiles but are attempted to build anyway, unsuccessfully) that force
me to use "make -i" or else have the build (and make install) fail every

The ASF rejected the patches I contributed to eliminate Apache/1.3's
similar abundance of verbiage.  I choose not to waste my time again, but
I thought maybe somebody else would like to clean up at least some of
these compilation issues.  I think the fact that there are so many makes
Apache look bad (I believe in strictly warning-free code), but maybe
nobody cares since most folks use less stringent build tools like gcc
and gmake.

The complete output from configure and make is too large to include here
so is available from:
I turned on as many modules as I could to expose as many warnings as
env CFLAGS="-fullwarn" configure \
        --prefix=/a/mja/apache2.0a9 \
        --with-maintainer-mode \
        --enable-modules="file_cache \
                cache \
                disk_cache \
                ext_filter \
                status \
                info \
                suexec \
                cgid \
                vhost_alias \
                speling \
                rewrite \
                so \
                mime_magic \
                cern_meta \
                expires \
                headers \
                usertrack \

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