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From TOKI...@aol.com
Subject general/6832: Get strange HTTP code in the Apache log file
Date Sat, 11 Nov 2000 16:38:28 GMT

> Description:
> I am serving wml for wap phones with an Apache/Jserv server. When using 
> a Nokia 7110, at the first connection, I get the following line in my 
logfile :
>192.168.xxx.xxx - - [11/Nov/2000:09:37:08 +0400] "GET 
> /servlet/homepage?msisdn=9745000008 HTTP/1.1 200 701 "-" "Nokia7110/1.0 
> (04.77)"
> I can't find what means the 200 701 code... On the next connection, i 
> will get a 200 411 return code, which is normal...
> Have you got an idea ?
> Thanks for your support
> Guillaume

200 701 is not an error code.
The first 3 digits are the HTTP return code and the
second 3 digits are the number of bytes that were sent.

200 701 means all went well ( HTTP 200 code means OK )
and 701 bytes were sent as a response.

The reason you are only seeing 411 bytes on the second
request could be that WAP phones will send much more
header information on a 'first' response then subsequent
requests if a session ID has been established with the

It looks like the extra data following the question mark
( msisdn=9745000008  ) is some sort of 'device id' just
like Palm Pilots use when talking to their own Palm
gateways and this acts sort of like a 'Cookie' to help
establish a session with a WAP gateway since 
the actual IP addresses for all wireless devices routed 
through any particular mobile tower or mobile network
is always the same for all users. ( All Palm Pilot PQA
requests use the same exact IP address for all 4 million
Palm Pilots. Only the 'device id' changes ).

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc.

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