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From TOKI...@aol.com
Subject Re: mod_actions/6763: If using php3 as external cgi, Error 404 will not be de...
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2000 05:10:49 GMT

When the PHP external binary doesn't get all the information
it needs to even 'find' a file it doesn't return any formatted
HTML error pages saying 'Not found' or even a 404. It just
dies and prints a one line message to stdout...

No Input File.

If you are seeing NOTHING when you ask for a file via
PHP but a blank screen and the connection closes this
is what's happening.

You might want to make sure that the PATH_TRANSLATED
environment variable is getting set correctly when the PHP
binary is called because that's where the PHP binary actually gets
the name of the file it's supposed to load and run.

This hasn't changed much from PHP 3017, I don't think.
PHP 40xx has the same issues. 

BTW: If you telnet to port 80 and make the same request 
you WILL see the simple 'No Input File' message coming
from the PHP binary, if that's what it is saying.

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