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From TOKI...@aol.com
Subject Re: general/6552: Can't start Apache service.
Date Mon, 25 Sep 2000 15:05:30 GMT

In a message dated 00-09-25 01:54:45 EDT, Rajesh writes...

> Subj: Re: general/6552: Can't start Apache service.
> Date: 00-09-25 01:54:45 EDT
> From: rajeshn@iiitb.ac.in (Rajesh.N)
> To: TOKILEY@aol.com
>  Dear Sir,
>  Thanks for your immediate reply. But I'm still facing the problem. When
>  I install Apache as a stand alone sever then the service starts. When I'm
>  trying to connect the apache server to Jrun which is my  application
>  server  I still get the same problem that "The procedure entry point
>  _ap_table_setn@12 could not be located in the ApacheCore.dll. I would be
>  grateful if you could help me in solving the problem.
>  Regards,
>  Rajesh.N

It is Jrun that is somehow unable to find the call when it needs it.

Jrun is calling into ApacheCore.dll looking for a public export called
_ap_table_setn ( with an underscore on the front ). The API call is
there in ApacheCore.dll but it does NOT have an underscore on the
front and that's why Jrun says 'can't find _ap_table_setn()'.

The following shows the actual public export function names ( including
the ap_table_setn() API call ) in the ApacheCore.dll that comes with 
version 1.12...

APACHE 1.12 for Windows

Machine: DELL Dimension XPS M233s

OS: Windows NT SP3

Directory: C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\

File: 02/25/00 09:11p 299,008 ApacheCore.dll

Name:            ApacheCore.dll
Characteristics: 00000000
TimeDateStamp:   38B74461
Version:         0.00
Ordinal base:    00000001
# of functions:  0000016E
# of Names:      0000016E

Entry Pt  Ordn  Name

00030A90     1  ap_MD5Final
000309A0     2  ap_MD5Init
000309D0     3  ap_MD5Update
000235C0     4  ap_acquire_mutex
00027E10     5  ap_add_cgi_vars
00027A00     6  ap_add_common_vars


00001D70   238  ap_table_add
00001DB0   239  ap_table_addn
000019F0   240  ap_table_get
00001C60   241  ap_table_merge
00001CF0   242  ap_table_mergen
00001A50   243  ap_table_set
00001B30   244  ap_table_setn  **** No underscore on ap_table_setn()
00001BF0   245  ap_table_unset
00027300   246  ap_tm2sec
00026BA0   247  ap_uname2id
0000A2B0   248  ap_unblock_alarms
000266B0   249  ap_unescape_url
00028B00   250  ap_unparse_uri_components


The only ApacheCore.dll ap_xxxx exports that still have
an underscore on them are...

00006A70   316  _ap_add_file_conf@8
00006A70   316  _ap_add_file_conf@8
00007020   340  _ap_get_win32_interpreter@8
00029280   359  _ap_os_case_canonical_filename@8
00028F70   360  _ap_os_systemcase_filename@8
00004E60   361  _ap_set_config_vectors@12
00024E80   362  _ap_strcasestr@8
000314E0   363  _ap_to64@12
00010B30   364  _ap_vrprintf@12

You need a version of Jrun that can either import explicitly
by ordinal or not prepend underscores to requested import names.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc.
http://www.RemoteCommunications.com/rctpd/ - Free IETF encoding Server

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