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From "Adam J. Richter" <a...@yggdrasil.com>
Subject Re: general/6318: Apache 2.0a4 segfaults on config file syntax error
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2000 19:29:48 GMT
>This problem is due to the ClearModuleList/AddModule directives
>in your config file.  If those are removed, this config file
>will not cause a seg fault.

>We are currently discussing if those directives are really
>necessary in 2.0 or not.

I think you may understanding thish already, but I will say this just
to be clear.  I was not claiming that it was a valid config file for 2.0,
just that your code should not segfault when it tries to print the syntax
error message.  So, I think you should apply the patch that I submitted
or make some similar fix.  Thanks for advice anyhow.

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