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From Peter Simons <sim...@research.cys.de>
Subject Re: general/5079: make install should not put include files into the "global namespace".
Date Sun, 25 Jun 2000 11:12:17 GMT
>>>>> wrowe  writes:

 > I have observed reports of clashes over the alloc.h name, which is
 > renamed ap_alloc.h in the forthcoming release of Apache 1.3.13 -
 > but do you have any examples of actual conflicts with the other
 > header names you cite?

I don't recall any other problems; unfortunately it has been a while
since I tried to construct a $C_INCLUDE_PATH that will automatically
contain all installed 3rd party header files -- a project that failed
miserably. :-)

Just a proposal: IMHO the best way to avoid conflicts is to put all
include files into a directory for the project and then to address
them as <apache/alloc.h> etc., like X11, libgetline and a few others
do it. This has the further advantage that I can pull the includes
into the global include space just by adding a sym-link from
/usr/include/apache to whereever they actually live, thus avoiding the
need for setting CPPFLAGS explicitly at compile time. The ap_-prefix
admittedly does the job, too, but the separate directory strikes me as
the more elegant solution.


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