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From Neil McKee <Neil_Mc...@inmon.com>
Subject Re: mod_jserv/5755: mod_jserv and httpd -HUP restarting problem
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2000 13:30:01 GMT
The following reply was made to PR mod_jserv/5755; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Neil McKee <Neil_Mckee@inmon.com>
To: Vladislav Malyshkin <mal@mail1.nai.net>
Cc: jon * <jon@clearink.com>, apbugs@apache.org, ed@cloudfactory.org
Subject: Re: mod_jserv/5755: mod_jserv and httpd -HUP restarting problem
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 23:25:45 +0100

 Thanks Vladislav,
 This seems to work just fine. I can type
 "/usr/sbin/logrotate -f /etc/logrotate.conf" (or just send
 a blizzard of SIGHUPs using kill or killall) and it restarts
 everything quite happily.  Good work!
 As regards runaway jre proceses - we were seeing those last
 week.  For what it's worth, our fix was to increase the memory
 and stack sizes by starting jre with "-mx96000000 -ss1000000
 We also experimented with the "-verbose" option.  After an initial
 flurry of class load messages, the servlet engine seemed to be reloading
 the SocketException class over and over (every minute or so). The output
 looked like this:
 [Loaded java/net/SocketException.class from /usr/inmon/lib/classes.zip]
 [Loaded java/net/SocketException.class from /usr/inmon/lib/classes.zip]
 [Loaded java/net/SocketException.class from /usr/inmon/lib/classes.zip]
 Any idea why it would be doing this?  Is it normal?
 Vladislav Malyshkin wrote:
 > Something strange. It may be netscape screw up some spaces in
 > my letter. Now I am sending the patch in encoded form.
 > I am sending 3 files:
 > original file: 19385 Oct 31 06:27 jserv_wrapper_unix.c.original
 > patches file: 20038 Mar  7 13:54 jserv_wrapper_unix.c
 > the diff -u file:  5804 Apr  8 22:59 patch_kill_JVM_ON_HUP
 > It applies cleanly (at least for me).
 > I can not do diff aganist CVS version right now,
 > I will be able to do this some time next week.
 > Also, I think some things may be improved in my patch,
 > I wrote it in a great rush because it was a problem
 > with production server, which was necessary to fix ASAP.
 > I can look at my patch again later next week.
 > The ideas behind my patch are:
 > 1. Add -HUP handler to watchdog process. This process is created by a separate fork()
 >     and has no standard signal haldlers set by apache. Another option may be to set
signal handler
 >     by apache initialization functions. I did not do this. I added it directly.
 > 2. Add signal handler inside signal handler (because on SYSV siognals
 >     it will be reset after first signal was delivered. Because of this we may have a
 >     when several signals are delivered during very short period of time).
 >     Without this logrotate causes a problem because it delivers two signals
 >     during very short period of time. First one - after access_log rotation, second
one - after error_log rotation.
 > 3. Always ping JVM before starting a new one (even if we were not able to start JVM
process before).
 >     If ping succedded - send EXIT command via servlet protocol.
 >     This allows us to stop a runaway JVM if we have any. We stop a runaway JVM process
 >     and then start a new one in accordance with standard jserv_wrapper_unix.c logic.
 > Items 1 and 3 are done well in my patch. About item 2 - I am not sure. I think it may
be done
 > in a more clean way. I can look at it again some time next week.
 > Vladislav
 > jon * wrote:
 > > can you send me your patch as an enclosure directly?
 > >
 > > it isn't applying very well to the source code.
 > >
 > > also, it would be best if you could send me the diff -U against the current
 > > CVS source code.
 > >
 > > thanks,
 > >
 > > -jon
 >   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
 >                    Name: patch.tar.gz
 >    patch.tar.gz    Type: Unix Tape Archive (application/x-tar)
 >                Encoding: base64
 Neil McKee mailto:Neil_McKee@InMon.com
 InMon Corp.  http://www.InMon.com

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