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From "ApplyingThought.com" <...@applyingthought.com>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
Software Division of ApplyingThought.com
Mr. George Thomas heads this Division. After completion of his Post Grad
uate studies in Bombay University, he worked as a Scientific Assistant i
n NRSA Hyderabad. Thereafter he changed his profession to join HCL in th
e Sales and Marketing Division. Exposure to the computer industry was a 
means of opening up a new horizon of possibilities. Those opportunities 
were acquired and harnessed at WANG, and Unisys abroad. Thereafter Mr. T
homas returned to India and after a stint with IDM ventured out on his o
wn. To his credit he has the experience of handling Marketing, Sales and
 Customer Support Activities for 17 long years in the industry, with som
e of the best established computer products and companies in the Industr
y. His exposure spreads across a large spectrum of application areas whi
ch include financial systems, Retailing, COSMOS (finite Element Methods)
, ERDAS (Image processing), ARC Info (Geographic Information System) RAC
AL REDAC (Electronic CAD) (Global Financial Architecture), Banking syste
m, Material Requisition Planning, Hotel Management systems, Market Resea
rch oriented requirements and a host of other applications areas. 
With WANG he was exposed to the best office, automation products and sys
tems in the Industry. During this period he had the facility to automate
 the back office systems at Gulf Air and Gulf Hotel, Bahrain. With Unisy
s his working knowledge of Banking systems, Financial Architectures, Net
working, ATMS and the use of 4GL were sharpened. With IDM, his exposure 
to complicated scientific applications and path breaking technologies li
ke Satellite Data Image processing and Geographic Information Systems ap
plications were skills he honed in on very emphatically.
In 1990, Mr. Thomas moved out of corporate life due to a health conditio
n and took to a more relaxed working environment. As consultant to Vishe
sh Technology Bangalore, he marketed and implemented the MRP Package to 
Proctor and Gamble. In 1991 he became consultant to Intellect Data Syste
ms Bangalore and contributed significantly to design, implementation and
 marketing of Property Management System. One of the major successes in 
this foray was the acceptance of the product by Comfort Inn group of Hot
els in India, and most of their establishments using this system country
wide. In 1993 Mr. Thomas floated his firm Peripheral Systems and took to
 preparation maintenance and management of databases in his work with In
dian Market Research Bureau, Bangalore. Most of the projects with Hindus
tan Lever, Eskayef , Tata Tea were handled through this outlet. With a d
etermination to do it better than everyone else, he did three of the maj
or assignments with IMRB - National Food Survey Project, Advertisement P
reviews and TV Popularity Rating.
The Software Division of ApplyingThought.com has moved into software dev
elopment as its main and full time activity. With 12 Engineers assigned 
to full time development we have completed two foreign assignments and a
re on the verge of completing a product for the Education segment.
During the course of our development activity, we have realised 
that never before has efficient management of information been more vita
l or more tediously 
Some of the most difficult situations, responsible managers and companie
s face today in their daily routines is the availability of quality cons
cious staff. 
Whilst a number of companies have begun to outsource software developmen
t, there are quite a few companies who find this concept unacceptable or
 hazardous from an Accountability point of view. 
Further with newer and advanced technologies exploding in the market, it
 seems a perilous task to orient oneself to help decide what is relevant
 to ones environment and needs. For companies with a floating populatio
n of computer staff it seems unprofitable, unrewarding and at times frau
ght with disastrous Consequence to venture into large scale in house sof
tware development. 
We at the Software Division of ApplyingThought.com are alive to these si
tuations and have taken decisions to address such issues.
We believe that application software can be used as a technology tool to
 meet needs of an organization and when applied meticulously and in its 
entirety, have far reaching consequences. This could ease the working en
vironment and provide comfort to normal mundane tasks in a job, and help
 organization rely on less skilled and dependable staff to function norm
ally and effectively. 
We are primarily into Customized Application database development. Our f
ocus has been on the Visual Basic as Front end, MSSQL, MS Access as Back
end and the Microsoft Range of Products in Windows NT environment. We sp
ecialize in COM based Technology and are using Visual Modeler and Kancha
njunga (the latest release from Microsoft) extensively in our product/de
velopment and application 
We also work on JAVA, Oracle, and Developer 2000, Power Builder, Delphi 
and Visual C++. 
The average age of the development team is 25 years. This young, enthusi
astic and dynamic team is always rearing to go all those extra miles to 
bring cheer to our customers and deliver quality products complete with 
documentation. Software development has thus been an exciting, fulfillin
g and rewarding experience for the entire group. 
We are a tiny division numbering 12 regular staff and another 12 contrac
t staff. All our staff are either graduate engineers or graduates in sci
ence. Except for four of our staff members the rest have completed the M
icrosoft Certification tests successfully. 
Our business activity: Customised Software Development in Windows NT 4.0
 environment using 
Visual Basic Version 6.0 as front end 
MS SQL Version 7.0 as back end 
Visual Java & Java 
And other Microsoft products including development tools like Kanchanjun
ga, Visual Modeller, Visual Interdev ASP, MTS, COM, and DCOM. 
To pursue our software development activities in an aggressive manner we
 will be looking at 
Software development activities for customers in the following applicati
on environments. 
Develop software in COM Based applications. 
Develop customized application software in VB MS SQL and Windows NT. 
Develop customized application software. VC++, JAVA, MSSQL, VB, NT, Deve
loper 2000, Oracle. 
Internet related development activities or Services. JAVA, C++, ASP. 
Set up off shore development facilities COM Based, VC++, JAVA , MS SQL, 
MS Access Window NT. 
Euro currency related software development. 
Tele-working (Medical Transcription). 
Technical Support for Software Companies. 
Product Development. 
Product Documentation and Software Testing. 
Technical Support (for Software Marketing Companies). 
Specialise: We specialise in developing customised application for custo
mers based on Microsoft Products, with special emphasis on VB version 6.
00 MSSQL version 7.00 and MS Access on Windows NT platform. 
Other services include web design and web hosting, Remote Processing, (m
edical transcription), Technical Documentation, Preparation of Manual an
d writing of online help for software products,
On site testing of Software for customer developed software products or 
third party developed software products, Data Processing, Education and 
Facility Management. We also offer scanner services and burn CDs as per 
customer requirement.
Recent Projects Handled:
Guest Book for Organizations 
E-Commerce, Buy and sell Real Estate on the Net for U.S. firm. 
Consultancy for the Real Estate Segment on the Net for U.S. firm. 
Warehousing and distribution for a US firm. 
Customer Information module for the hospitality and Banking segment 
Software for testing and online reporting of any software module in netw
ork. (Product from P.S.) 
Software for the retailing segment 
Document management - (Product from P.S.) 
Product for Education and Research segment. (Generalized Knowledge Base 
Authoring Tool) 
Diary /Planer - (Product from P.S.) 
Advertisement / Message display system for the retail outlets. (Product 
from P.S.) 
Financial and Donation Management System for International Customer. 
Our development team consists of:
Development Executive: Graduate engineer with three years of working exp
erience in development environment on Oracle with developer 2000 and MSS
QL server with Visual Basic on Windows NT platform. Thorough systems kno
wledge and Microsoft Certified Engineer heading the development team .VC
++ and C++ coding is part of the activity. Experience of designing data 
bases and programs to meet customer requirements over a period of three 
fruitful years have contributed significantly to customer acceptance of 
company products & customisation projects. Knowledge of Quality Assuranc
e standards applied on all products released by the company. Thorough in
 methodologies of outlining specifications of Customer Requirement in ve
rtical Industry segments viz.: Hospitality, Real Estate, Consultancy, Ed
ucation, Research, Financial accounting and MIS Reporting for Non Govern
ment Organisations and Welfare Organisations.
Quality Control Executive: Graduate Engineer with Knowledge and experien
ce of Industry application requirements of production, production planni
ng, job works, subcontracts, financials and consultancy. Knowledge of Qu
ality Assurance standards in software programming and two years of worki
ng experience in Quality control testing methods in software enriches th
e Quality and Performance of products released by the company. Knowledge
 of all Microsoft based products and documentation and preparation of Gr
aphics and Graphic Interfaces have propelled the company products to tar
get audiences with immediate acceptability. This has also lead the compa
ny to develop its own software product for testing and reporting of soft
ware modules and suits of programs in a networked on line environment.
Team leaders (Business Application) : Graduate Engineers (2) Science Gra
duates (2)
Knowledge and experience in Application Software design, with experience
 in incorporating Quality Assurance standards and standardised procedure
s of structured programming, testing, error handling, error reporting an
d error messaging. Knowledge and use of all Microsoft based products wit
h special emphasis on Relational Databases, Network working, and System 
Networking interfaces. Coding in VC++, C++, Visual Java and Visual Basic
 with Comparative Knowledge in MS SQL server, Oracle and MS Access as th
e back end. All this coupled with three years experience in Industry app
lication covering Hospitality, Consultancy, Education and Research, Fina
ncials and application of Quality Assurance methodologies to all program
ming (coding) and Testing procedures should prove an asset to any organi
sation we work with. All Application programs developed to date have bee
n developed for Client Server environment. Hence the mechanics of such o
perations are well known to this team. This team is the workhorse of the
 company. And all its members have completed the Microsoft Certification
Team Leader (Systems) Graduate Engineer (1): Profound working knowledge 
of Windows NT. Skilled and Knowledgeable on MS SQL server, Oracle, C++ a
nd having handled systems Integration at various levels in all our proje
cts, the resource carries both experience and value to the development t
eam of the company. This team member carries a two-year work experience 
in the Industry.
Team Leader (Systems) Science Graduate (1): Sound Knowledge of client se
rver working, system Network, Relational Database, coding knowledge in J
ava, C++ and Visual Basic work experience of one years in the Industry.
Team Leader (Web design and Training) Diploma in computer science (1): W
eb design and publishing and Internet application and Networking procedu
res. Knowledge of Windows 95, work experience of one year in the Industr
Team Leader Education Graduate Engineer (1): Five years experience in tr
aining of Microsoft products Visual Basic, MS SQL server, MS Access and 
Documentation of Application Software.
With the spurt of e-commerce activity in the Industry we are in the proc
ess of training all our staff in Java, and web-design.

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