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From "Jay D. Dyson" <jdy...@techreports.jpl.nasa.gov>
Subject Re: mod_autoindex/4991: HEADER and README files are not displaying with index listings, even though correct permissions on files and dirs is evident, and , httpd.conf is configured to allow their loading.
Date Fri, 10 Sep 1999 17:00:50 GMT

On 9 Sep 1999 coar@apache.org wrote:

> Synopsis: HEADER and README files are not displaying with index
> listings, even though correct permissions on files and dirs is evident,
> and httpd.conf is configured to allow their loading. 
> State-Changed-From-To: open-feedback
> State-Changed-By: coar
> State-Changed-When: Thu Sep  9 15:52:30 PDT 1999
> State-Changed-Why:
> What are the *exact* settings of the HeaderName and ReadmeName
> directives?

	The directives are as follows:

- -----Begin excerpt from /usr/local/etc/apache139/conf/httpd.conf----

<Directory "/usr/local/etc/http/htdocs">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
    AllowOverride None
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all

UserDir public_html
DirectoryIndex index.html
AccessFileName .htaccess
IndexOptions FancyIndexing
# The server will first look for name.html and include it if found.
# If name.html doesn't exist, the server will then look for name.txt
# and include it as plaintext if found.
ReadmeName README
HeaderName HEADER

- -----End excerpt-----

	To provide supporting information, here are the files' locations
and permissions. 

- -----Begin list of files (proof of proper permissions)-----

dyson# ls -al /export/home/jdyson/public_html/tmp
total 10
drwxr-xr-x   2 jdyson   igs          512 Sep  9 14:34 .
drwxr-xr-x  21 jdyson   igs         2048 Sep  9 14:32 ..
- -rw-r--r--   1 jdyson   igs          824 Sep  9 14:33 HEADER
- -rw-r--r--   1 jdyson   igs          687 Sep  9 14:34 README

- -----End list-----

> Prior to 1.3.9, you could use a directive such as "HeaderName HEADER",
> and Apache would explicitly look for HEADER, HEADER.html, and
> HEADER.txt.  With 1.3.8, this is no longer explicit, which means that
> you either have to specify the full name (e.g., HEADER.html) of the
> file, or else enable Multiviews (e.g., with a "Options +Multiviews"
> directive) for the directory being indexed. 

	I believe I've got that covered, unless the latest Apache ver
requires that the README/HEADER file contain a suffix of some kind.

> The plus side of the change is that *any* sort of text/* file can be
> used for HeaderName and ReadmeName, and text/html files can be parsed
> for server-side includes. 

	Sounds good.  I'm just stumped as to why explicit declaration of
the README/HEADER file name isn't being grokked here.

> Please try either using a full filename in the directives, or else
> enabling multiviews, and let me know the results. 

	Roger that.  Here's the results thus far:

	The following are comparative dumps via Lynx.  The first is with
Apache v1.3.6 (bound to port 80).  The second is Apache v1.3.9 (bound to
port 8080).  Both are reading the same directory. 

- -----Apache v1.3.6 on port 80-----

jpl-trs$ lynx -dump http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov/~jdyson/tmp/

                               :: :::::::::. ::
                               :: ::      :: ::
                               :: ::`::::::' ::
                        .:::::::' ::         `:::::::.

                         < techreports.jpl.nasa.gov >

   --------------[>   W A R N I N G   --   N O T I C E !   <]--------------

    This computer is funded  by the  United States Government and operated
    by the  California Institute of Technology  in support of ongoing U.S.
    Government  programs  and  activities.   If you are not  authorized to
    access  this  system,  disconnect now.  Users of  this system  have no
    expectation of privacy.  By continuing, you consent to your keystrokes
    and data content being monitored.


        [1]Name                    [2]Last modified       [3]Size  [4]Descripti

 [DIR]  [5]Parent Directory        09-Sep-1999 14:32      -

                                :: :::::::::. ::
                                :: ::      :: ::
                                :: ::`::::::' ::
                         .:::::::' ::         `:::::::.

                                 W A R N I N G !
           You are connected to a Jet Propulsion Laboratory machine.
                    Property of the United States Government.
        Unauthorized access is a violation of United States Federal Law.
      This U. S. Government computing system is for authorized users only.
     Keyboard and command monitoring/recording is in effect for all logins.
    These records will be provided as evidence to law enforcement officials.


   1. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov/~jdyson/tmp/?N=D
   2. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov/~jdyson/tmp/?M=A
   3. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov/~jdyson/tmp/?S=A
   4. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov/~jdyson/tmp/?D=A
   5. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov/~jdyson/

- ----- End Apache v1.3.6 -----

	This demonstrates that file permissions and configuration under
1.3.6 works. 

	Now for 1.3.9:

- -----Apache v1.3.9 on port 8080-----

jpl-trs$ lynx -dump http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov:8080/~jdyson/tmp/

                             Index of /~jdyson/tmp
        [1]Name                    [2]Last modified       [3]Size  [4]Descripti

 [DIR]  [5]Parent Directory        09-Sep-1999 14:32      -
    Apache/1.3.9 Server at techreports.jpl.nasa.gov Port 8080


   1. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov:8080/~jdyson/tmp/?N=D
   2. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov:8080/~jdyson/tmp/?M=A
   3. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov:8080/~jdyson/tmp/?S=A
   4. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov:8080/~jdyson/tmp/?D=A
   5. http://techreports.jpl.nasa.gov:8080/~jdyson/

- ----- End Apache v1.3.9 -----

	I look forward to your reply.  Thanks for your prompt attention to
my report!

- -Jay

   (                                                              ______
   ))   .--- "There's always time for a good cup of coffee" ---.   >===<--.
 C|~~| (>--- Jay D. Dyson - jdyson@techreports.jpl.nasa.gov ---<) |   = |-'
  `--'  `-- Encrypt as if your life depends on it.  It does. --'  `-----'

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