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From Ralph Hightower <lyn...@logicsouth.com>
Subject mod_info/4623: Win NT reports Access Violation in mod_info.c
Date Tue, 22 Jun 1999 00:22:46 GMT

>Number:         4623
>Category:       mod_info
>Synopsis:       Win NT reports Access Violation in mod_info.c
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    apache
>State:          open
>Class:          change-request
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Mon Jun 21 17:30:01 PDT 1999
>Originator:     lynmax@logicsouth.com
>Release:        1.3.6
Windows NT Workstation 4.0 SP4; Microsoft Visual Studio 97
Access Violation occurs in display_info at the start of the for loop:
        if (!r->args) {
            ap_rputs("<tt><a href=\"#server\">Server Settings</a>, ", r);
            for (modp = top_module; modp; modp = modp->next) {
                ap_rprintf(r, "<a href=\"#%s\">%s</a>", modp->name, modp->name);
                if (modp->next) {
                    ap_rputs(", ", r);
            ap_rputs("</tt><hr>", r);
On Windows Apache servers: http://www.yourdomain.com/server-info
--- http_conf_globals.h.orig	Fri Jan 01 13:04:40 1999
+++ http_conf_globals.h	Thu Jun 10 22:05:33 1999
@@ -53,6 +53,10 @@
  * For more information on the Apache Group and the Apache HTTP server
  * project, please see <http://www.apache.org/>.
+ *	Ralph Hightower <lynmax@logicsouth.com>, June 1999
+ *
+ * 06.09.99	Changes for Windows version
+ *
@@ -66,33 +70,33 @@
  * Process config --- what the process ITSELF is doing
-extern int ap_standalone;
-extern uid_t ap_user_id;
-extern char *ap_user_name;
-extern gid_t ap_group_id;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_standalone;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT uid_t ap_user_id;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT char *ap_user_name;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT gid_t ap_group_id;
-extern gid_t group_id_list[NGROUPS_MAX];
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT gid_t group_id_list[NGROUPS_MAX];
-extern int ap_max_requests_per_child;
-extern int ap_threads_per_child;
-extern int ap_excess_requests_per_child;
-extern struct in_addr ap_bind_address;
-extern listen_rec *ap_listeners;
-extern int ap_daemons_to_start;
-extern int ap_daemons_min_free;
-extern int ap_daemons_max_free;
-extern int ap_daemons_limit;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_max_requests_per_child;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_threads_per_child;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_excess_requests_per_child;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT struct in_addr ap_bind_address;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT listen_rec *ap_listeners;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_daemons_to_start;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_daemons_min_free;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_daemons_max_free;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_daemons_limit;
 extern MODULE_VAR_EXPORT int ap_suexec_enabled;
-extern int ap_listenbacklog;
-extern int ap_dump_settings;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_listenbacklog;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_dump_settings;
 extern API_VAR_EXPORT int ap_extended_status;
-extern char *ap_pid_fname;
-extern char *ap_scoreboard_fname;
-extern char *ap_lock_fname;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT char *ap_pid_fname;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT char *ap_scoreboard_fname;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT char *ap_lock_fname;
 extern MODULE_VAR_EXPORT char *ap_server_argv0;
-extern enum server_token_type ap_server_tokens;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT enum server_token_type ap_server_tokens;
 /* Trying to allocate these in the config pool gets us into some *nasty*
  * chicken-and-egg problems in http_main.c --- where do you stick them
@@ -101,17 +105,17 @@
 extern API_VAR_EXPORT char ap_server_root[MAX_STRING_LEN];
-extern char ap_server_confname[MAX_STRING_LEN];
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT char ap_server_confname[MAX_STRING_LEN];
 /* for -C, -c and -D switches */
-extern array_header *ap_server_pre_read_config;
-extern array_header *ap_server_post_read_config;
-extern array_header *ap_server_config_defines;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT array_header *ap_server_pre_read_config;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT array_header *ap_server_post_read_config;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT array_header *ap_server_config_defines;
 /* We want this to have the least chance of being corrupted if there
  * is some memory corruption, so we allocate it statically.
-extern char ap_coredump_dir[MAX_STRING_LEN];
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT char ap_coredump_dir[MAX_STRING_LEN];
 #ifdef __cplusplus
--- mod_info.c.orig	Fri Jan 01 13:05:10 1999
+++ mod_info.c	Thu Jun 10 22:06:08 1999
@@ -75,6 +75,10 @@
  * Lou Langholtz <ldl@usi.utah.edu>, July 1997
  * 07.11.97 Addition of the AddModuleInfo directive
+ *
+ *	Ralph Hightower <lynmax@logicsouth.com>, June 1999
+ *
+ * 06.09.99	Changes for Windows version
@@ -103,7 +107,7 @@
 } info_cfg_lines;
 module MODULE_VAR_EXPORT info_module;
-extern module *top_module;
+extern API_VAR_EXPORT module *top_module;
 static void *create_info_config(pool *p, server_rec *s)
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