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From Bryan Woods <bwo...@starvision.com>
Subject Re: config/4336: Does not look for .class files and .jar files in right place
Date Fri, 30 Apr 1999 20:43:25 GMT
Found a work-around:

- Assume <apache dir> is where you installed apache (e.g. "C:\apache")
- Assume <java dir> is where you installed JDK 1.2 (e.g. "C:\java")

1. Make an applet directory, e.g. <apache dir>\htdocs\applets

2. cd to that directory

3. Copy <java dir>\jre\lib\rt.jar

4. Unpack the rt.jar archive with: jar -xvf rt.jar
   This will leave you with a tree of directories containing class
   files used by the runtime. Remeber to delete the rt.jar file after

5. Wherever the html files that use the applets reside, make sure
   they use "/applets/" as the codebase.

>From there, apache will be able to find the subdirectories needed
to load the class files.


+ do not have to change Apache

+ do not have to change any Apache configuration files

+ do not have to mess around with getting other ORB's, plugins, etc.


- the rt.jar is 10.5 MBytes, even more when unpacked. At least you
  would only have to do this once if you put all your applets in that

- have to copy applets to <apache dir>\htdocs\applets and make sure
  that idl-compiled subdirectories are there too.

- a preferable solution would still be to somehow get apache to
  load class files from jar files from configurable locations

  A line in httpd.conf might look like:

  ClassFiles <java dir>\jre\lib\rt.jar;<java dir>\lib\*.jar

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