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From Godmar Back <gb...@cs.utah.edu>
Subject Re: general/4219: JServ1.0b3 does not build: only compiles Hello.java
Date Sat, 10 Apr 1999 17:23:14 GMT

 I assume that replying to this confirmation mail will update my
bug report.  Well, I've figured out why make isn't doing anything.

Here's the relevant parts from the Makefile created by 

#lib_LTLIBRARIES = libjserv.la
all: Makefile $(LTLIBRARIES)

No wonder it doesn't do anything.

I must say I find it somewhat sad that I, wanting to play with JServ,
have to debug automake related stuff now.

Funny enough, this seems to happen in all projects using automake that
I've had contact with.  I guess that restrict the circle of suspects to
two: me and automake.  I really wish people would stop using it.


	- Godmar

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