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From Klaus Johannes Rusch <KlausRu...@atmedia.net>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite/3140: Substitution does not support some schemes
Date Wed, 24 Mar 1999 10:01:04 GMT
Synopsis: Substitution does not support some schemes
State: open

: Please give an example of a URL you would expect to trigger
: the rewrite rule:
:   RewriteEngine On
:   RewriteRule ^/mail mailto:webmaster@apache.org [R,L]

http://localhost/mail (probably with some RewriteCond in the
configuration but for reproducing the problem this is not required)

: What would you expect it to do, and what does it do instead?

I would expect a redirect, i.e. Status 302 and
Location: mailto:webmaster@apache.org headers, to be sent as for equivalent 
RewriteRules with other schemas, instead mod_rewrite searches for
${DOCUMENT_ROOT}/mailto:webmaster@apache.org and not finding that document 
sends a 404 Not Found.

RewriteRule ^/mail http://www.domain.com/redirect.pl?url=mailto:webmaster@apache.org works

hook_uri2file has a hardcoded list of schemas (http://, https://, gopher://, 
ftp://), all other schemas are interpreted as local files (including common 
ones like file:, news:, mailto: and ldap: but also any other schema).

Klaus Johannes Rusch

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