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From Darron Smith <darron.sm...@bbc.co.uk>
Subject protocol/3993: Incomplete Pages Loading Randomly
Date Thu, 04 Mar 1999 12:15:33 GMT

>Number:         3993
>Category:       protocol
>Synopsis:       Incomplete Pages Loading Randomly
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    apache
>State:          open
>Class:          support
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Thu Mar  4 04:20:01 PST 1999
>Originator:     darron.smith@bbc.co.uk
>Release:        1.3.4
Solaris 2.6 (SunOS broadcast 5.6 Generic_105181-08 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10)
GCC 2.8.1
Apache 1.3.4
FrontPage (mod_frontpage)
SSL 2.2.0 (mod_ssl)
PHP 3.0.6
SSLeay 0.9.0b
6 Virtual Servers running.
This initially appears to be a timing problem with IE3. But having fiddled around with things
like the timeout and the Send Buffer size until I'm blue in the face. I'm kind of out of ideas
as to what to try next. This could alternatively be an issue with the browser itself.
This seems to be only an issue when within a frameset page where loading a new page in one
of the frames sometimes does not get the complete page but cuts off part of it when the retrieved
source is viewed. This usually results in a blank frame however refreshing that particular
frame will retrieve it properly.
Unfortunately I can't give you an example of this because of the firewall. (This is an intranet
What I want to know is. Is this an issue with the FIN_WAIT signal, an issue with Packet size
and Timeouts, an issue with the Browser or something else entirely?
Because this is an intranet server within a firewall I can't give you a URL for the offending
pages (More than one) where this is happening.
I can suggest using the environment quoted above and trying to load a non cached frames page
and then changing the contents of one of the frames
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