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From Matthew Darling <mdarl...@CellNet.com>
Subject Re: config/3761: StartServers defaults to 5 for port 80
Date Tue, 26 Jan 1999 15:52:36 GMT
I apologize for wasted time, but I did this last week Friday and I got 5
seperate processes without trying to access anything via httpd.  I was
running this on my sparc 5 workstation and I couldn't believe it.  I then
went to chech the server-status and it still said 5 for the number of
running processes.  From what I recall, the server (in general speaking) 
itself shouldn't spawn any processes just for the hell of it.  

In any case, ignore this then until I can give you some "documented"
proof.  I should've done this last week when I saw it.

Keep up the great work!  I was a big fan of NCSA in the early days and saw
Apache come out from the woodwork.  I admit I was sure it was just another
company trying to "fit in".  I was wrong.  Apache has become something
better than the Netscape servers (minus the configuration menus... which
are indeed nice. ;)


CellNet Data Systems	Matthew T. Darling - Software Engineer
125 Shoreway Road
San Carlos, CA  94070

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